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Guide To Prepaid Mobile Plans

Note: Information in this Wiki is in the process of being transfered to the Prepaid Mobile Plans Wiki, which is structured as a menu of service options and costs without ratings, reviews or opinions of the services themselves.




There are several types of prepaid mobile plans available. You can choose to spend a little or a lot, depending on the company you want to go with, and the phone you wish to purchase. So many people are getting tired of getting charged ith over-charges for going over their monthly minute charges on their contract phones. That is another thing, they are tired of contracts. They are opting to change to Prepaid plans. In this Article, I'm going to tell you about several prepaid mobile plans you can choose from.


Virgin Mobile has a really good plan available and this can be bought very easily at Best Buy, WalMart and other such stores. You can buy a phone for as low as $9.99 and it comes with airtime. You can also buy extra airtime cards for these phones. You can purchase phones that are higher in price, with more bells and whistles if you wish. You can check out the phones at home, or even order them online if you wish, at if you wish to compare the prices and see what types of phones they have and comparison shop before you go to the store! Virgin Mobile is a very good brand name and you can find the air time cards at most any Rite Aid, CVS or Walgreens pharmacy as well as Kmart or WalMart.


T Mobile SAYS they offer a "PREPAID" choice in cell phone usage. I must caution the reader, let the buyer beware. Read the small print. When I was researching for my phone, I looked over their phones, and found that not only was their "unlimited" phone usage NOT unlimited, but it was also a CONTRACTED offer, and NOT really, truly a prepaid choice. Prepaid choices mean that you can get out of the it at any time. It is a "pay as you go" type thing. The T Mobile phone is NOT. The Family Time Unlimited Plan is 149.98 per month for up to two lines. Each additional line is 49.99. You must sign a two year contract. You must have good credit or you won't be able to get the phones. They do have some nice phones to choose from, which most of them are free with the two year contract...among them, (depending on what is available in your area) many Samsung and Nokia phones are free, The motorola Razr V3 is only 29.99; The Motorola RIZR V3 with a camera is 29.99 after rebate and they have a ton of others to choose from. You can check them all out at


Another interesting idea is for children. This phone is designed specifically with children i mind. It is for parents to enable their children to stay in touch with them. This phone has a special design for children so it fits into their hands and has larger keys for their little fingers. It has a special 911 dial. It has special pin instructions so the parent can protect it so the child can only dial 911 and the parent or whoever the parent chooses the child to call in case of an emergency. The phone does store up to 22 outgoing numbers. Optional call screening will block unwanted callers. This is a great feature. I got an emergency phone for my daughter to use recently and I have to instruct my daughter NOT to answer it because she was getting crank phone calls! For more information, you can go to:


Now, I must say I've saved the best for last. I have to say I'm biased on this score as since the company has opened for business I've been so happy I've been doing handstands! I will never do business with another contract cell phone company again. Since Metro PCS has opened, I have had great cell phone service. The prices are great and I have unlimited local and long distance service, and text messaging. I will be honest about all the pro's and cons however.


Metro PCS may not be for everyone. First of all, the have a very limited line of phones to choose from. You have to choose from the phones that they support. If in doubt, call the company before you go out and buy an expensive phone. They can tell you (when you give them the information about the phone)if you can use the phone should you decide to go with a plan from their company.


The second downfall is the fact that you have to totally buy all the phones yourself. You don't get any discounts, no rebates, etc. Of course, don't forget, you don't have to sign a two year contract with the company, and if you aren't happy, you can turn around and quit tomorrow. You do usually get the first month free, however, which is a big plus with the company. Most of the phones are around a hundred dollars so they are reasonably cheap, and they are pretty good phones. Some of them have cameras on them, some of them have internet. I think the most expensive phone is just under two hundred dollars and the cheapest phone is about $79. Check your area for sales. They may be cheaper in your area.


The plans are very reasonable! They start at about $30 and go up to about $50 a month depending on what features you want. I don't recommend the $30 a month package. You won't get caller id or anything. I recommend the $40 a month package.It is a very good package to have. It gives you caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail, Local Calling, Long Distance, Text Messaging and all of it is unlimited! Use it as much as you like! Now where can you find that kind of a deal for $40 a month and no contracts? If you are interested in Metro PCS, the website to get more information is


Adding to this list of companies to check out are who offers prepaid mobile phones without a contract and who offers prepaid wireless phones without a contract for as low as $9.99 with no annual contract and no credit check.


I think I've pretty much covered all of the most popular pay as you go cell phones. Of course, if you live outside the USA, there will be other companies to add to this list.


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