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Sins Of Cell Phone Usage

The most painful sins of cell phone usage:


  • Ridiculous ringtones: This should just say "ringtones" because every phone on the planet has vibrate these days, but having to sit through "Fergalicious" on the train is particularly heinous. Most likely culprit: 13 - 19 year old girls.


  • "Hey sorry - I've got another call, just a sec." We've all received important calls via call waiting, but for the other 99% of the time, just let it go. Seriously. Most likely culprit: Software sales people.






  • Talking too loudly: Easy to do, but equally easy to avoid - unless the person you're talking to is in a hurricane, then by all means, proceed... Most likely culprit: 13 - 19 year old girls.


  • Talking too loudly about inappropriate stuff: You may have a variety of reasons for using medicated creams, but we don't want to know about any of  them. We also get uncomfortable when you curse at the top of your lungs in front of children and the elderly. Most likely culprit: 15 - 22 year olds, both sexes.



  • Nextel Direct Connect/Push to Talk: This might be the height of rudeness. Not only is it rude to be having a conversation in front of others with someone who isn't even there, but I the default volume on those devices is definitely set to 11. Most likely culprit: Construction workers





  • Texting while driving: Keep your death wish to yourself please. I mean, if they made a sign about it, it must be serious. Most likely culprit: Yuppies and Soccer Moms.


  • Even touching your phone in a movie: The screen lights up. It's a dark room. And if you even whisper, "can I call you back later?" someone will hit you. Most likely culprit: Teens 


  • Answering your phone out to dinner: You're sitting not more than 3 feet away from people who are likely your friends. If you "have to take this one," then step outside or use the bathroom. Most likely culprit: Frat and Sorority members.




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