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Sprint Deals

Everything Plus

Unlike the older SERO plan (details below, but it is NO LONGER AVAILABLE), you actually have to know a Sprint employee.  An actual employee ID number is required to enroll.


  • $59.99/mo for 500 anytime minutes (45 cents/min. additional)
  • $79.99/mo for 1000 anytime minutes (40 cents/min. additional)


Both include unlimited data and text messages.  Unlimited mobile-to-mobile and nights/weekends starting at 7pm.




Sprint offers a few heavily discounted plans, but the most often used is SERO (Sprint Employee Referral Offer).



There are three plans typically offered:

  1. Sprint Employee Referral Offer 500 (minutes) for $30.00 per month
  2. Sprint Employee Referral Offer 1250 (minutes) for $49.99 per month
  3. Sprint Employee Referral Offer 2500 (minutes) for $99.99 per month


It will show up on a bill as a Fair and Flexible plan.


What is inluded in a SERO plan:


  1. Unlimited Sprint Vision or Power Vision (Vision for Vision phones, Power Vision for Power Vision phones)
  2. Unlimited Mobile to Mobile (In network only, Sprint to Sprint, Sprint to Nextel, Nextel to Sprint, Nextel to Nextel)
  3. Unlimited Sprint Picture Mail
  4. Unlimited Roaming
  5. Unlimited Nights & Weekends (either 6 or 7 PM, depending on when you started contract)
  6. Nationwide Long Distance
  7. Crystal Clear Calls
  8. Voice Mail
  9. Caller ID
  10. Call Waiting
  11. Numeric Paging
  12. Three-Way Calling
  13. Ready Link
  14. Unlimited SMS (Limited Time Offer: Offer ends 5/31/2008, although word is it may be extended.)


How to sign up for SERO:


Go to and use Google to find a Sprint employee's email address to use.  A list of some that may work is HERE.  Keep in mind that a 2-year contract will be required.







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