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Upgrade Treo 700p To 755p

Upgrading a Treo 700p to 755p (Free!)

Because of a third-party firmware patch, it is now possible to install the Treo 755p's 1.0.7 firmware release on your Treo 700p. The release is mainly a bug-fix and stablity release, so don't expect new features (unless you consider not resetting all the time a feature!)


Here's how to do it:

0) Make sure you're running the latest 700p update from Palm before you try to upgrade to the 755p version. As of this writing, that was v1.10.

1) Download the new ROM from this link:  (You'll have to deal with the crap; just find the button that lets you download for free.) That download contains SPRINT firmware; you can supposedly use it on other services but proceed at your own risk if you don't use Sprint.

2) Format an SD card in your Treo 700p.

3) Using an SD card reader connected to your computer, copy the contents of that zip file to the SD card.

4) If you look at the SD card, you should have two folders on the card, 'PALM' and 'ROM'.

5) Backup your Treo 700p. I like to use the free NVBackup, but you can use whatever you want. You'll want to use a second SD card to do the backup.

6) Hard-reset your Treo. This clears out all of your data, and will make the upgrade process run more smoothly. To do this, follow Palm's instructions.

7) Make sure your phone is plugged in. You don't want to run out of battery half-way through the upgrade process.

8) Stick the card with the new firmare on it into your Treo. Launch the ROM Updater application from your application launcher. You should see 'VENT' and 'DVT'. If you don't see both of those, STOP. Go back and retrace your steps, because you probably did something wrong.

9) Type 'ventura' (no quotes) and press Enter, which will start the upgrade process.

10) The upgrade process may take as long as an hour (results seem to vary for different people), so just sit tight.

11) Once the upgrade is complete, your phone will reset.

12) Once it comes back up, insert the card with your backup on it into the Treo, and restore from your backup.


That's it! Enjoy.


Thanks to kocoman and others at for figuring this out. Head over there and review their posts for more info.


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