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Upgrade Treo 700p To 755p

Upgrading a Treo 700p to 755p (Free!) Because of a third-party firmware patch, it is now possible to install the Treo 755p's 1.0.7 firmware release on your Treo 700p. The release is mainly a bug-fix and stablity release, so don't expect new features (unless you consider not resetting all the time a feature!)   Here's how to do it: 0) Make sure you're running the latest 700p update from Palm before you try to upgrade to the 755p version. As of this writing, that was v1.10. 1) Download the new ROM from this link:  (You'll have to deal... read more

Sins Of Cell Phone Usage

  • by Deej

The most painful sins of cell phone usage:   Ridiculous ringtones: This should just say "ringtones" because every phone on the planet has vibrate these days, but having to sit through "Fergalicious" on the train is particularly heinous. Most likely culprit: 13 - 19 year old girls.   "Hey sorry - I've got another call, just a sec." We've all received important calls via call waiting, but for the other 99% of the time, just let it go. Seriously. Most likely culprit: Software sales people.           Talking too loudly: Easy to do, but equally easy to avoid... read more

How To Get A Normal Att Calling Plan Not Pre Paid With No Contract

AT&T allows new customers to sign-up for any of their calling plans (not pre-paid) at the listed rate (sometimes these plans are referred to as "sim-only" since you will need to purchase an AT&T sim card if you don't already have one). You will not get the discounted subsidized price for one of their phones, but for a lot of people, they either have their own unlocked phone or would rather buy a used one off ebay or just dislike the idea of being locked into a 2 year contract.   You can do this over the phone or in person at an AT&T store. I suggest going in-store since... read more

Miscellaneous Tags

  • by teej

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Prepaid Mobile Plans

Prepaid mobile plans are payment arrangements and packages designed to allow a customer to obtain mobile phone service without a contract or service agreement.  Prepaid plans can be used to contain cost, utilize a phone line for a shorter time than a regular contract term (one or two years), and provide a low-cost entry into mobile phone usage.  Customers with imperfect credit may find prepaid particularly attractive when contracted lines ("postpaid") require a service deposit.   All of the major carriers in the United States feature prepaid plans.  Additionally there... read more

Laws On Talking On Cell Phones While Driving

Laws on Talking on Cell Phones While Driving When trying to understand the laws on talking on cell phones while driving, you have to realize that these are not all internationally accepted. What you may be accustomed to at home may not be the same if you travel elsewhere in the world or even within your own country. Some jurisdictions allow the use of cell phones as long as you use a handsfree headset, particularly those with wireless Bluetooth technology. Others have banned the use of cell phones altogether while behind the wheel.   United States of America There is an... read more

Free Blackberry Curve Themes

  • by teej

Free Blackberry Curve Themes Here are a few places to look for your free Blackberry Curve Themes:   Berryreview’s Theme Database - They have a great section here that lists links to several themes that are free. Themes4BB - A great site for free themes and lots of them! Big archive. BlueRoomSolution - Another superb site for free themes. Lots of OS 4.5 themes. eVeek - While they do have themes for sale, they also have several (and some of the nicest) themes for free PimpMyBerry - I only  just found this site but already one of my faves. ... read more

Danger Of Cell Phone Towers

Dangers of Cell Phone Towers As much as we enjoy the convenience of mobile phones, an increasingly prominent issue is that of the dangers of cell phone towers. Is it safe to live in close proximity to a cell tower? What are the possible health effects? Possible Dangers of Cell Phone Towers The possible dangers of cell phone towers are wide-reaching and numerous. Some people may only consider the issues of driving safety and cell phones, but the chronic exposure to cellular radiation may have some harmful effects as well. Moreover, many people assume that the radiation... read more

Data Plans For Mobile Providers

Wireless carriers assign different levels of access, capabilities, bandwidth limits, throughput limits, and tethering abilities to customers based on the data plan assigned to the account.  Some data features are addons, and others are embedded in calling plans.  This Wiki lists major carriers and the data plans and options available.   AT&T Wireless   (all charges monthly)   Basic Handset Options   MEdia Max Unlimited - $35 - Unlimited data for more basic non-PDA phones.  Also includes unlimited text messages. MEdia Net Unlimited - $15 - Unlimited data with no... read more

Mobile Phone Signal And Battery Meters

Why does the first bar of the battery life take 36 hours to go away, and the other 3 seem to vanish in 10 minutes? How do my calls get dropped when I CLEARLY have full bars? Read on m'friend.     Battery Meters We're in a world that sends robots to outerspace, has cured innumerable diseases, and FINALLY allows us to play Super Monkey Ball using accelerometers on a portable device - you'd think we'd be able to measure the amount of charge on a battery. Truth is, we can - and accurately too. But you'd never know it in your every day life...36 hours to dissipate all the... read more

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