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Iphone Create Calendar Events With Your Voice

This Wiki contains information on how to: Sync your calendar to Google calendar Sync Google calendar wirelessly real time over Nueva Sync Enter events into your calendar via “Jott” Use Jott to send text messages by voice   Managing Your Calendar   With the introduction of the push service it is now possible to make additions to your Google Calendar almost instantaneously.   In order to do this you will need to hook up your iPhone to an Exchange Server to give you the real time updates.   WARNING – If you set frequent pushes it will eat your battery time... read more

T Mobile Settings Configurator

So you've decided to buy an unlocked phone and you're wondering how to set up your internet and MMS? Well here's where you need to go... read more

Which Model Is My Blackberry Pearl

It's time to review my BlackBerry Pearl, so the whole world knows what a perfectly unexciting alternative to an iPhone it is. But which model am I reviewing? Some might groan at the obviousness of my suggestion here, but it took me the help of Yahoo Answers to figure it out for sure.   I know different models and rebrandings have slightly different user interfaces, but if you can get into the Settings submenu from the main screen, then it's cake:   From the Settings submenu, select "Options" by pressing on the scrollwheel At the top of the list is "About".... read more

Show Us Your Goods Contest Details

  • by Deej

So you want to know more about the "Show us your Goods" contest, huh?   Why are we doing this?   We are just launching our second Huddle and we need your help to make our vision a reality. With so many products constantly flooding into the mobile marketplace, not everyone can keep them all straight. Sometimes it would be just be helpful to say, "What did other people like me buy in this situation?" We'd like our users to be able to say:   I have Phone XYZ:   What headsets do people who have this phone use, and what do they think of them? What accessories and... read more

Cell Phone Tips And Tricks

These are some cell phone tips and tricks that a lot of users don't know about.   1. Checking your minutes and other information   Verizon: Balance - #225 Minutes - #646   Sprint: Minutes - *4   T-Mobile: Balance - #225# Minutes - #646# Messages - #674#   AT&T/Cingular Minutes - *646#   2. Skipping someone's voicemail greeting*   Verizon: press *   Sprint: press 1   T-Mobile: press #   AT&T/Cingular: press #   *You have to know which carrier the person you're calling has for this to work. read more

Guide To Prepaid Mobile Plans

Note: Information in this Wiki is in the process of being transfered to the Prepaid Mobile Plans Wiki, which is structured as a menu of service options and costs without ratings, reviews or opinions of the services themselves.       There are several types of prepaid mobile plans available. You can choose to spend a little or a lot, depending on the company you want to go with, and the phone you wish to purchase. So many people are getting tired of getting charged ith over-charges for going over their monthly minute charges on their contract phones. That is another... read more

Cell Phone Acronyms

  • by teej

Commonly used Acronyms on the Mobile Huddle Please add/edit as appropriate   3G - third generation wireless data networks. These typically provide 'near-broadband' speed.   4G - fourth generation wireless data networks.   AGL - Above Ground Level   AMSL - Above mean sea level   B2B - Business to Business   CC - Customer Care or Credit Card   CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access   EDGE - Enhanced Data for Global Evolution - an upgrade to GSM data technology that triples speeds over standard GPRS.   ESN - 'Electronic Serial Number' - unique 8-digit hex number assigned to... read more

Treo 700 Palm Vs Windows

The major decision regarding the Treo is whether to use Palm or Windows software.  There seem to be pros and cons of both systems.  A lot has been written on the subject, especially with regard to the Treo 700.   One pretty good review appears here:   The review breaks down the different features of each and offers comparison and commentary.   Here is another article:   It appears that Palm is the simpler, more stable, more... read more

How To Unlock Cell Phones

  • by teej

Some cell phones are locked to a particular carrier.  This is often the case when you purchase directly from a carrier or one of their affiliates.  In order to use a 'locked' phone on another network, it must be 'unlocked.'  This can be as simple as calling your carrier, sometimes special software is required, other times it must be sent off for a company/service to handle, and rarely it's actually impossible.   Many carriers have a policy of only offering an unlock code (or service) once your contract has expired, although as noted below, there are frequently... read more

Iphone Application Development

  • by teej

iPhone SDK   Apple's iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) is now freely available to anyone from the iPhone Dev Center.  You're only required to register as an iPhone Developer, which is free.   iTunes App Store   With the release of iPhone firmware version 2.0 the iTunes application store will open.  Apps will be available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Many will be free, but developers are also able to charge for their applications.   In order to test your code on an iPhone and make it available on the App Store, you must apply to the iPhone Developer Program. ... read more

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