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Iphone Create Calendar Events With Your Voice

This Wiki contains information on how to: Sync your calendar to Google calendar Sync Google calendar wirelessly real time over Nueva Sync Enter events into your calendar via “Jott” Use Jott to send text messages by voice   Managing Your Calendar   With the introduction of the push service it is now possible to make additions to your Google Calendar almost instantaneously.   In order to do this you will need to hook up your iPhone to an Exchange Server to give you the real time updates.   WARNING – If you set frequent pushes it will eat your battery time... read more

Iphone Application Development

  • by teej

iPhone SDK   Apple's iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit) is now freely available to anyone from the iPhone Dev Center.  You're only required to register as an iPhone Developer, which is free.   iTunes App Store   With the release of iPhone firmware version 2.0 the iTunes application store will open.  Apps will be available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Many will be free, but developers are also able to charge for their applications.   In order to test your code on an iPhone and make it available on the App Store, you must apply to the iPhone Developer Program. ... read more

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