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Laws On Talking On Cell Phones While Driving

Laws on Talking on Cell Phones While Driving When trying to understand the laws on talking on cell phones while driving, you have to realize that these are not all internationally accepted. What you may be accustomed to at home may not be the same if you travel elsewhere in the world or even within your own country. Some jurisdictions allow the use of cell phones as long as you use a handsfree headset, particularly those with wireless Bluetooth technology. Others have banned the use of cell phones altogether while behind the wheel.   United States of America There is an... read more

Danger Of Cell Phone Towers

Dangers of Cell Phone Towers As much as we enjoy the convenience of mobile phones, an increasingly prominent issue is that of the dangers of cell phone towers. Is it safe to live in close proximity to a cell tower? What are the possible health effects? Possible Dangers of Cell Phone Towers The possible dangers of cell phone towers are wide-reaching and numerous. Some people may only consider the issues of driving safety and cell phones, but the chronic exposure to cellular radiation may have some harmful effects as well. Moreover, many people assume that the radiation... read more

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