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Upgrade Treo 700p To 755p

Upgrading a Treo 700p to 755p (Free!) Because of a third-party firmware patch, it is now possible to install the Treo 755p's 1.0.7 firmware release on your Treo 700p. The release is mainly a bug-fix and stablity release, so don't expect new features (unless you consider not resetting all the time a feature!)   Here's how to do it: 0) Make sure you're running the latest 700p update from Palm before you try to upgrade to the 755p version. As of this writing, that was v1.10. 1) Download the new ROM from this link:  (You'll have to deal... read more

Treo 700 Palm Vs Windows

The major decision regarding the Treo is whether to use Palm or Windows software.  There seem to be pros and cons of both systems.  A lot has been written on the subject, especially with regard to the Treo 700.   One pretty good review appears here:   The review breaks down the different features of each and offers comparison and commentary.   Here is another article:   It appears that Palm is the simpler, more stable, more... read more

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