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Well, it looks like Samsung is making another dash for an eco-friendly, socially conscious phone.  But maybe this one is a little more practical than the other two they planned a while back.In any case, the Samsung Reclaim is made from 80% recyclable materials - in fact, 40% of the casing is made with bio-plastic from corn.  It's also green....and I mean really green.Here's an article from earlier this month on Gizmodo.
So similar to the top 10 etiquette rules, MobileCommandos published a "Top 7 ways cell phones can screw you" list.  It's kind of entertaining. They aid drunk dialingThey embarrass you in publicThey get lost and stolenThey make unwitting upskirt shots easierThey make catching upskirters easierThe FBI can use them to eavesdrop on youThey get you into car accidents
Thanks to Boy Genius, Deej and I got to go down toward the Ferry Building in San Francisco and try our luck at winning brand new BlackBerry Storms in the First Touch Storm Grab. The way it works is that they blow 3 kinds of tickets around in the booth (there are red ones, black ones, and white ones).  If you get 7 of the black ones with the Storm pictured, then you win a Storm.  If you get 6 of the "red ones" (which really means black with a red border), you can win a free...
Last week, Hop-on (a company which claims to make a "disposable" cell phone) announced that it would be releasing an Android phone this year at CES.  And supposedly it's going to cost less than $200.  Who thinks they'll actually do it? Also...does anyone know why they think their phone is more disposable and recyclable than any other phone?  One of their press releases goes on and on about being environmentally friendly...but...somehow I have my doubts.'s been more than a month, but I finally got off my lazy tail feathers and got a new battery.  AND!  It didn't explode.  :-) I'm happy to report that this particular LG Shine is performing quite well again.  But I am having this weird thing where my Bluetooth just doesn't want to stay connected....not sure what that's about.
Featured Debate 8  How receptive would you be to having part of your monthly plan fees subsidized by advertising, such as agreeing to receive advertisements via text messages or embedded ads in data services, if it would discount your bill by ten or twenty percent?  [This debate is brought to you by pgens - if any one has any other debate topics burning, just drop me a PM and we'll make sure to get it on here]
A post came out just a little while ago on engadget.  They just got their hands on the Android device. "So far we like what we see. The phone is surprisingly thinner than we thought it would be, and it feels pretty solid in your hand (though they've opted for an almost all plastic device, no metal here). The keyboard seems usable and reasonably well thought-out, and the slider action is like butter, with a nice little swoop for good effect." (Article and pictures over at...
According to a cnet news article that came out yesterday (and a Nielsen Mobile survey that also came out yesterday), Americans send more text messages than make phone calls. "For the second quarter of 2008, U.S. mobile subscribers sent and received on average 357 text messages per month, compared with making and receiving 204 phone calls a month, according to Nielsen," says the article.  That's increased 450% since 2006. I have to admit, I think I probably text more than...
Hm, well...pre-demo, looks like it'll be cost-competitive with the iPhone. Quoting the Wall Street Journal, Reuters reports that T-Mobile will be pricing the forthcoming HTC Dream, the first Googlephone, at an iPhone-matching $200. More importantly, the WSJ says that "T-Mobile USA plans to release new data service plans in conjunction with the Google phone that will be 'aggressively priced.'" This makes it clear that T-Mobile sees the the Android phone as an antidote to...  Yeah, I'll give that a try.  And if I never show up here can assume that I was in the 1%.
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