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Aliph Jawbone 2 Wireless Headset Reviews

Positive Reviews


A Worthy Successor - An Awesome Investment


Pros: Noise assassin, Light and portable, Great design

Cons: Can get uncomfortable, Less battery life

I wasn't sure I wanted to spend over $100 for any sort of bluetooth headset, but I'd heard that the original Jawbone was amazing, and that this one was the same, except smaller. So I thought "why not?" and shelled out the cash for it. Am I sure glad I did! This headset is amazing. People don't even realize I'm on a headset, and background noise literally disappears! Also, the design of the headset is just amazing. Even the box it comes in blows other headsets out of the water. Though it does get uncomfortable after a few hours of wear--mostly because my ears are small and none of the ear hooks fit though. Also, the battery life is significantly less than the older model's. Overall, I...
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Jawbone 2 gets smaller and cooler.


Pros: Smaller, nice aesthetics, magnetic charger

Cons: Poorer battery life, wind problems, can't with my other phone

I missed out on the first one and oddly, the Jawbone 2 has the same cons-poor battery life, bad fitting in ear, need to adjust for call quality, and wind causes big problems with call quality that cheaper BT headsets don't. The positives are fixed charger, it's smaller, nice aesthetics with the leather hoop, and different size earbuds plus I've gotten a couple of nice comments from women. Call quality is excellent as long as there is no wind and the headset is adjusted properly. Overall nice product but somehow I feel cheaper headsets from Motorola, Samsung, and Plantronics are better at times.

Negative Reviews


Difficult fit make it unusable


Pros: Smaller than Jawbone 1

Cons: Fit is very difficult

I was very excited to get the new Jawbone, given my solid experience with the original. However, it has turned out to be a huge let-down. I cannot find a combination of the earpieces and loops to allow the device to touch my cheek as it must in order for the noise cancelling to work. The Aliph customer service has been unhelpful, and in fact ended up keeping my original box, charger, and other accessories when my assistant mistakenly sent them in with the device for replacement. Overall, a very disappointing experience.

Jawbone 2, my first bluetooth


Pros: Looks cool, easy to wear, and has good noise suppression, good quality of sound from the earpiece.

Cons: Needs better earpieces for a more custom fit, sound sometimes garbled on the other end if contact with cheek is broken, high cost.

My wife recently got a blueant and is very happy with it.  It was a little lower priced but the overlall noise suppression is not quite as good as the jawbone but she likes it better than the jawbone.  I think they are both OK.  There's a lot of room for quality high end competition.
Mobile Huddle › Products › Headsets › Wireless Headsets › Aliph Jawbone 2 Wireless Headset › Aliph Jawbone 2 Wireless Headset Reviews