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Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Reviews


Solid, effective noise-cancelling headset


Pros: Noise cancelling works, lightweight, reliable

Cons: Larger than some, weak output volume, wind causes issues

The Aliph Jawbone is the original effective noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset, and it worked wonders. As a frequent traveller, I found this headset gave me freedom to speak with people in environments where I could not previously. Airport gate areas, concourses, and noisy vehicles all became places where I could make a call and have a conversation. However, the output volume from the headset isn't very loud. Comments to Aliph customer service led to them "educating" me about the dangers of too much volume that close to the ear instead of a real resolution to the issue. As a result of the low volume, I often cup my hand over the headset to hear in noisy environments. Wind is an issue with...
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not bad at all


Pros: external noise = no more

Cons: a little bulky

overall i am pretty satisfied with this ear piece.  given CA now mandates you have one of these bad boys, it makes the perfect thing to wear in the car.  i still can't get myself to wear it anywhere outside of the house or car, and hope i never make that mistake, but if you are looking for a headset that totally eliminate the noice outside, you should check it out.

very pleasantly surprised


Pros: easy to use, relatively small

Cons: looks dorky, might lose it

I would probably give any wireless headset one star for "style" unless it just looked like my ear (now THERE'S a business)...I just feel weird walking around with it attached to my ear, but with the new law in CA requiring them in the car, I'm happy to have it. Once I got it connected to my phone (which was very easy), the one-button functionality was a snap. I wore it commuting to and from meetings about 45 minutes each way, and when I received calls, I could just tap the button and be ready to go. Also, it's very easy to turn on and off, which I think is important because I would really hate to have it in my pocket, try to answer a call and end up not hearing the person because the call...
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Great Bluetooth!


Pros: Noise reduction, easy to use, automatic volume control

Cons: Hard to put on, hard to make it stay on.

This is a very good choice for a Bluetooth headset.

Fantastic headset


Pros: good fit, nice looking, filters out background noise so the folks on the other end hear you (and just you)

Cons: sometimes sounds a bit tingy on your end

Over the last six months, I've had three different Bluetooth headsets. The first two were pretty cheap and had just okay sound quality. But the worst things about them were that: a) people couldn't always understand what I was saying; b) the voice recognition didn't work very well and I'd end up having to go through my phone book manually to get the right person; c) even when I got the right person with the voice recognition, no matter how loudly or clearly I spoke, sometimes the damn things wouldn't understand "yes" or "no" to actually place the call; and d) the person on the other end could hear all the background noise as if they were...
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Mobile Huddle › Products › Headsets › Wireless Headsets › Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset › Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Reviews