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Apple iPhone 3G Reviews


The Market Leader


Pros: Human interface, applications, capabilities, reliability

Cons: Battery life

For me, a mobile phone is my mobile access to my connected world: voice, web, email, and social networks. The iPhone is my mobile computer. With the variety of applications allowing me to connect my computers to it, my iPhone has become my primary interface to the world, with larger computers being there primarily for longer typing sessions. This is the picture of where we're headed. I'm aware that some people are stuck with issues around the software keyboard, and the Storm's tactile glass may be a way to address it, but from the beginning of using an iPhone, I found a willingness to adjust to the keyboard to be in my favor. Now, after a year, I type very well and quickly on it (and the...
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Best phone I have owned, with some room for improvement


Pros: Full computing platform, beautiful screen, great iPod/PMP, App Store, GPS

Cons: Unrealized potential, no select/copy/paste, no Bluetooth keyboards, crashes

 Introduction I have owned over the past 15 years a new PDA or cellphone every year. The best have been: Psion Series 5mx (portability, OS stability, portable Office document creation and editing, battery life, keyboard), Palm 750p-Sprint (keyboard, OS stability, battery life (with extended battery)). The worst have been: anything with Windows Mobile -HP 4705, Treo 700wx-Sprint, UTStarcom 4700-Sprint -all having to do with OS instability, horrible internet experience, and dreadful user interface. iPhone 3G trumps them all in: user interface, screen quality, multimedia play and iTunes, phone quality and functionality, interface with Outlook Exchange, and Apps - App Store. It falls short...
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Are you kidding, better than great


Pros: Lightning fast email, internet in your pocket, apps store, and you can use it as a phone.

Cons: Size, shape, screen vulnerability and battery life.

Waited in line at the AT&T store with the rest of the faithful on 7/11/08 to get the last G3 IPhone, number 20, of the first 20 avaliable in my area, PTL.  I got a black 3G 8, and after the line dissipated, ordered the black 3G 16 that I really wanted.  Gave the 8 gig to my wife when the 16 came in about 10 days later.  Have been loading apps ever since.  My wife loves hers.  The Apps store is a genius idea.   The phone has great sound quality and is of course very cool and extreemly useful.  I can get to and review my emails faster than on my dual processor desktop.  The only drawback to internet access is the small screen size and no cut and paste feature, but the portability...
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Sort Of


Pros: Sleekness, touchscreen, feel, apps, wifi, 3g, gps, huge onboard memory, sync, pandora!!!

Cons: battery, 3g is spotty, 2.0 glitches, no cut & paste, no mms, OS sluggish at times, plastic back

Coming from a Blackberry that had everything I wanted but was ugly and deemed a "worker-bee phone", I am still missing a lot in the iPhone.  Overall, I am extremely let down by the kinks present in the current OS version 2.0.  As expected there would be kinks in any first generation OS but these are serious.  The battery life is terrible, the worst I've had in, I can't even remember.  The notification sound for SMS randomly quits and will only vibrate.  The alert volume for the ringer Will randomly set itself to low.  Applications crash every now and then.  The keyboard is sluggish when typing in SMS especially when multi-tasking.  The rounded back feels better in my hands but the plastic...
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One of the best phones available


Pros: Great interface and the App Store is amazing

Cons: Battery life has me worried

I'm sure I'll update this review after some additional use, but here are my impressions after a weekend with the phone. This is my first iPhone.  I was holding out for 3G and it seems like the wait was worth it.  The data speeds are great and it excels as an internet browsing device.  The user interface is intuitive, I haven't had a single issue yet. The App Store is what is going to really going to set this phone apart from the competition.  Even at launch, there are quite a few good quality applications and I'm sure it's only going to get better.  It's so simple to search/browse for applications on the phone and then download/install them.  With the integrated GPS, the possibilities are...
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new iPhone owner


Pros: looks beautiful

Cons: worried I'll scratch it!

Really pleased with my new present - been wanting one for ages - absolutely in love with it.

"Stop Bogarting the iPhone!"


Pros: great design, handy

Cons: addictive, may cause marital strife, battery hog

Both my wife and I had our AT&T contracts come up for renewal this month,so we were in the market for new phones. My wife wanted to upgrade from her Razor, and had her heart set on an iPhone. I love Apple, although I can't currently afford or justify a Mac, but remained a bit skeptical on the iPhone. We decided she would get hers and I would evaluate it before deciding if I wanted one too. After a screw-up in activating it that was wholly a reps fault, not Apple's, we were on our way. Actually we could use the wi-fi feature the evening it was not activated, so that was handy. Call quality is avarage to a bit above. Way better than my wife's old Razor (louder too), and about equivalent...
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