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Apple iPhone 3G

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Pros: Sleekness, touchscreen, feel, apps, wifi, 3g, gps, huge onboard memory, sync, pandora!!!

Cons: battery, 3g is spotty, 2.0 glitches, no cut & paste, no mms, OS sluggish at times, plastic back

Coming from a Blackberry that had everything I wanted but was ugly and deemed a "worker-bee phone", I am still missing a lot in the iPhone.


Overall, I am extremely let down by the kinks present in the current OS version 2.0.  As expected there would be kinks in any first generation OS but these are serious.  The battery life is terrible, the worst I've had in, I can't even remember.  The notification sound for SMS randomly quits and will only vibrate.  The alert volume for the ringer Will randomly set itself to low.  Applications crash every now and then.  The keyboard is sluggish when typing in SMS especially when multi-tasking.  The rounded back feels better in my hands but the plastic back feels cheaper and immediately smudges upon touching, even if you have the white one (which I got), but still better than the black by far. 


The upside, I would suppose, is that I have faith in apple to fix all of the said problems in a software patch.  I am hoping that they get a good grip on battery life because it certainly doesn't feel as good as they claim it to be.  Other than that I am keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't make a mistake by waiting in line for hours. 


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Mobile Huddle › Products › Phones › Apple iPhone 3G › Reviews › matthewjo's Review