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"Stop Bogarting the iPhone!"

A Review On: Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G

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Pros: great design, handy

Cons: addictive, may cause marital strife, battery hog

Both my wife and I had our AT&T contracts come up for renewal this month,so we were in the market for new phones. My wife wanted to upgrade from her Razor, and had her heart set on an iPhone. I love Apple, although I can't currently afford or justify a Mac, but remained a bit skeptical on the iPhone. We decided she would get hers and I would evaluate it before deciding if I wanted one too.


After a screw-up in activating it that was wholly a reps fault, not Apple's, we were on our way. Actually we could use the wi-fi feature the evening it was not activated, so that was handy. Call quality is avarage to a bit above. Way better than my wife's old Razor (louder too), and about equivalent to my Sony-Erricson w810i. My wife does not read manuals, and has managed to figure it out on her own. I've only referred to the manual once for a question I could not figure out. Works great with my Plantronics Bluetooth headset.


The stand-out feature for me is the sheer versatility of the iPhone. My mother-in-law is on our plan too (we run a small business), and in the iPhone she can get four things she wants for the proce of one: a new phone, a GPS, an iPod, and wireless internet access. As someone who works in the field for the real estate market, that is priceless.


My worries are few, but not insignificant. AT&T will not currently insure the iPhone. I'm not too worried about me, but my wife and mother-in-law are brutal on phones. This could be an expensive problem. I already got a solid case for my wife's phone, and I will invest in one for mine when I get it. The battery life on a 3G network is poor. If you are out of the house, a car charger is a must. I work in an office all day, so I will be able to plug mine into a USB port on my workstation - but I still want a car charger. The camera, while 2 megapixels, is feature-poor. There are some good software solutions for this, but the best involve "jail-breaking" your phone, which is not a great idea.


Lastly, the sharing of the phone has been an issue. If you are mrried, I recommend buying two, as the prying of the iPhone from your hands will be sure to cause some strife. Marital bliss is worth the extra $199.


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