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Apple iPhone Gen1


Pros: dead sexy, easy to use

Cons: mail client, slow, no GPS

I'm going to focus on the bad. There are tons of iPhone reviews out there where the fanboy who bought it, tries to verbally hump it in his/her review.

The basic rules of thumb for the G1 iPhone are as follows:

1) If you love to email on your blackberry, wait for the G2. The G1 mail client is for children.
2) If you want to be able to navigate to/from someplace using your phone, wait for the G2. The G1's triangulation feature is no substitute for real GPS.
3) If epically slow data transfer (read: web browser) really bother you, wait for the G2. G1 is slower than death.

So basically wait for the G2 iPhone unless you want to save money by buying a used G1 and dont care about the items on the list above.


Pros: Modern form factor, revolutionary user interface, well intergrated operating system, outstanding photo quality and bright high pixel density display.

Cons: Mediocre battery life and sound quality, quiet speakerphone, lack of stereo bluetooth compatibility, no out of the box video recorder, lack of flash.

Being a Waterloo native it has always been a unwritten rule of some sort that everyone around here must carry a BlackBerry, but when the iPhone was first announced, way back in January 2007. I had second thoughts. The beautiful form factor and the revolutionary combination of multi-touch and motion sensing technology had me sold.

The Apple iPhone has been a long awaited device. With years of rumors and speculation the iPhone had to be something revolutionary. A regular mobile phone with a standard set of features and an Apple logo would simply not feed the need for thousands of Apple fanboys and fangirls.

Switching from a Blackberry 8800 to the iPhone was scary at first due to the lack of a physical and tactile keyboard. After all these years of solid QWERTY goodness, was typing on a piece of glass going to work? With practice and patience it took me a month to get used to the virtual keyboard on the iPhone. It was challenging but not as difficult as originally imagined.

The battery life is very mediocre for a mobile phone, but exceptional for a smartphone. If your phone spends most of the time glued to your face as you yap away, you might consider a car lighter adapter or an additional source of power, same applies for heavy Wi-Fi use, as the additional chipset takes away lots of battery juice.

The integrated applications are designed for the urban lifestyle, with Google Maps find your favorite restaurant and make the reservation with a few taps of the finger. Watch YouTube videos while on the go on the gorgeous 3.5" display. Check your Stocks, Mail and even Weather wherever you are. Snap and share your photo memories as they happen or browse the full internet on a miniaturized device. At the moment there is no support for third party internet plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player and Java, but Apple is hinting towards possible availability via free software updates.

The iPhone is an outstanding smart phone that has revolutionized the smart phone industry or at the least encouraged other manufacturers to step their game up. The use of innovative technologies and the simplicity as well as the ease of use jam packed into such a compact yet accommodating device will have you wanting a slice of this Apple pie.


Pros: User interface makes it easy to browse the web

Cons: Battery life and call quality

I bought the iPhone as a replacement to the Blackberry Curve.  I love the user interface and overall appearance of the iPhone, however, it does not measure up to the blackberry when it comes to the features that are most important to me: battery life and call quality.  The battery dies about 15 minutes after the phone give me the '20% Battery Life Left' warning.  As far as call quality goes, the iPhone has been a large step back from the blackberry.  When on the road, the iPhone drops calls frequently. 


I got the original iPhone for Christmas in 2008 and have been extremely pleased.  Having had a blackberry before, I found the iPhone to be significantly more user friendly (important if you are technologically-challenged like me).  Text messaging became much quicker and the keyboard's ability to correct words is phenomenal (able to edit some of my most incoherent drunken text messages).  I also just find it hugely convenient for day-to-day tasks.  I use the maps function to locate restaurants and businesses all the time.  Although it is not complete GPS, you can use the "current location" function and then identify particular stores or restaurants near you, and get directions to them.  Its also nice to have when you have a friend who overconfidently insists things are true (i.e chris paul shoots 37% from the field... uhh no he doesn't, look at my iphone, he shoots 49%).  I have also dropped the hell out of my phone and it has more than held up.  There are some very tiny scratches, but I am told I can go to an Apple Store and have them fixed for free.  I tried using a case for the phone, but it made it a lot more bulky and killed the sleek build of the phone.  The two hangups I have about the phone are that the phone is only compatible with apple headphones (you can get an adapter for this if you want, but its just an annoyance) and that the internet is painfully slow. 


Pros: Internet in my pocket, email in my pocket, design is very impressive, seems durable, ipod

Cons: No push email, batter life could be longer, flash support would be nice, internet is a bit slow, photos aren't great quality

I was fortunate enough to have my parents gift me an IPhone for Christmas. To be honest, I wasn't that excited to receive one as I felt my razr was sufficient for what I needed, but I wasn't going to complain.

After having one for several months, It probably comes as no surprise that I think the phone is awesome. I'm constantly plugged into "the grid" and love the fact that I am always up to speed on email. Living in San Fran, Its quite nice to be able to check when the next bus ( is coming or yelping ( a good restaurant based on my current location. If I'm bored and stuck somewhere, I'll pull out my phone and check the blogs for the latest posts. I've dropped the phone a few times and its still working fine, so the durability seems to be good. I just find the phone to be surprisingly very useful and fun to use.

There are a few cons though. Pandora ( + IPhone would be a killer app for me, so it is a bit annoying that flash isn't supported. I turn off the wi-fi detector at work because i can't log on to the networks and I find that the edge network is alright, but still somewhat frustrating speed wise. I use the camera a fair amount and the quality of the pictures isn't great. I wish email was pushed out to my phone...i have it set to check for new mail every 15 which I'm sure is not helping my battery situation, which, although is decent, could probably be better.


Pros: Everything a communication junky would love

Cons: Lack 3G, router over BT, saving files, price point

Whats not to love about this wonderful little device? While being 1st generation, I believe Apple had fulfilled almost all the requirement of what a mobile communication device should be. It is very sturdy, sleek, and user friendly. Typing is a breeze with either one or two digits, and the built in learning dictionary is not obnoxiously overbearing. Apple had put a lot o thoughts into the email system, while it's not perfect compared to a full fledge client it is pretty darn close. It will handle obscure imap settings, along with self signing encryption certificates when other devices would simply throw panic error.
Keep in mind, the watered down SMS and the lack of MMS philosophy was taken from Japanese mobile phone standards as SMS/MMS are more or less been phased out in favor of direct email.


Pros: eary to use, like the displays, Bluetooth works well

Cons: keypad takes a bit of getting used to, love/hate the self correcting predictive text

I have had my iphone for 9 months and I love it. I probably like it most for email anywhere anytime and it's so user friendly. It was a lifesaver when I was in the hospital, it kept me connected. I use the camera often and the picture quality is amazing. I use the Google maps feature and it has gotten me out of some tight situations when driving out of state in rental cars. Love the weather, You tube, and text features. I thought I didn't need it but it was one of the best gifts ever!


Pros: Human interface, reliability, capabilities

Cons: Slow cellular data network

I bought the first generation iPhone the weekend it went on sale and carried it as my only mobile phone until I upgraded to the iPhone 3G this year. The iPhone was the world-changer.


This original iPhone still has the majority of the characteristics of the new iPhone 3G with the exception of GPS (and 3G cellular data, of course). The human interface is still the best that is available, and for people willing to adjust to using the software keyboard, the environment is unbeatable.


Pros: easy to use; lots of features

Cons: son doesn't get AT&T service in his house in Beverly Hills

 I got this phone when my husband got the new one!  It is very easy to use and I love it!  I had an old Samsung phone on Sprint - now that I have the iphone, I realize what a dinosaur phone I had!  When I was on Spring, we didn't get service in our house but now that we are on AT&T, we have excellent service in our house; however, my son in California doesn't have service in his house and has to go outside to talk on his iphone.  He also has a lot of dropped calls that he didn't have before.


Pros: productivity and enjoyment

 5 years ago, I carried an mp3 player, a palm pilot/electronic address-book, a blackberry (mandatory for work) and my cell phone. 

Quite simply, the iphone solved that. Sure other phones had some of these functions listed above, but the iphone allows a person to use utilize them seamlessly. 


One con that I heard from other iPhone users was about the poor battery life. I solved this problem by always keeping my iPhone at the lowest brightness setting; I can still see the screen and Apple icons with this brightness setting in low-light situations. I've used this setting for 6 months now. The battery life still last 48-hours before having to recharge.

I love it.


Apple iPhone Gen1

iPhone combines three amazing products—a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod and a breakthrough Internet device—into one small, lightweight, handheld device with the best email ever on a mobile phone, full-screen web browsing, multi-touch screen, and applications such as Google Maps.

Form FactorCandy Bar
Talk Time8 Hours
Standby Time250 Hours
Product ID45016720
Audio Output3.5 mm Stereo jack
Audio OutputBuilt in Speaker
Input MethodTouch Screen
Width2.4 in.
Height4.53 in.
Depth0.46 in.
Weight4.76 oz.
Battery TypeRechargeable Li-Ion Battery
Built-in Digital CameraBuilt-in Digital Camera
Installed Memory8 GB
Voice RecorderWithout Voice Recorder
Included AccessoriesHeadset
Digital Camera Resolution2 Megapixels
Screen Size (Diagonal)3.5 inch
Wireless CapabilitiesWLAN 802.11a
Wireless CapabilitiesWLAN 802.11g
Wireless CapabilitiesWLAN 802.11b
Wireless CapabilitiesBluetooth
Cradle typeUSB Cradle
Security FeaturesSecurity Password
Screen Resolution480 x 320
Release DateJune, 2007
TypePDA / Cell Phone
Interface TypeBluetooth Wireless Technology
Interface TypeUSB 2.0
Interface TypeWi-Fi
PDA Special FeaturesSound Notification
PDA Special FeaturesVibration Notification
PDA Special FeaturesSpeakerphone
PDA Special FeaturesMPEG-4 Video Player
PDA Special FeaturesVertical And Horizontal Display
Cell Phone BandGSM 1900
Cell Phone BandGSM 1800
Cell Phone BandGSM 900
Cell Phone BandGSM 850
Cell Phone featuresHands Free Options
Cell Phone featuresSMS
Built-in Music PlayerMP3 Player
Operating SystemMac OS X
Release StatusAvailable
Digital Camera Zoom
Network Type
Other Features
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


How To: Use the Iphone Internationally

My kids took their Iphones to Europe for a backpacking trip.  It was a little difficult finding out from AT&T how it works but basically before you leave on your trip, you purchase the International Calling Plan for around $6/month which allows calls to and from the US to Europe to be made for $1.00 per call.   AT&T also offers two different data plans that you can find on their website - this allows the user to check email and such; however, they need to turn off the features on their phones that allow automatic downloads of newspapers, alerts, emails, etc. to avoid unnecessary usage.  You set the data to zero and can track your usage as you go.  We were told that when you are in a wi-fi area, you can use your phone without incurring additional charges. Also text messaging depends on the plan that  you have - if you have unlimited, you can text an unlimited number of times to the US for $.50 each and receive an unlimited amount for free.  If you don't have unlimited, you are limited by the number of texts allowed in your plan.  Remember to contact AT&T when you return to cancel the international plan.  




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