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Revolutionary device with minor challenges

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Apple iPhone Gen1

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Pros: Modern form factor, revolutionary user interface, well intergrated operating system, outstanding photo quality and bright high pixel density display.

Cons: Mediocre battery life and sound quality, quiet speakerphone, lack of stereo bluetooth compatibility, no out of the box video recorder, lack of flash.

Being a Waterloo native it has always been a unwritten rule of some sort that everyone around here must carry a BlackBerry, but when the iPhone was first announced, way back in January 2007. I had second thoughts. The beautiful form factor and the revolutionary combination of multi-touch and motion sensing technology had me sold.

The Apple iPhone has been a long awaited device. With years of rumors and speculation the iPhone had to be something revolutionary. A regular mobile phone with a standard set of features and an Apple logo would simply not feed the need for thousands of Apple fanboys and fangirls.

Switching from a Blackberry 8800 to the iPhone was scary at first due to the lack of a physical and tactile keyboard. After all these years of solid QWERTY goodness, was typing on a piece of glass going to work? With practice and patience it took me a month to get used to the virtual keyboard on the iPhone. It was challenging but not as difficult as originally imagined.

The battery life is very mediocre for a mobile phone, but exceptional for a smartphone. If your phone spends most of the time glued to your face as you yap away, you might consider a car lighter adapter or an additional source of power, same applies for heavy Wi-Fi use, as the additional chipset takes away lots of battery juice.

The integrated applications are designed for the urban lifestyle, with Google Maps find your favorite restaurant and make the reservation with a few taps of the finger. Watch YouTube videos while on the go on the gorgeous 3.5" display. Check your Stocks, Mail and even Weather wherever you are. Snap and share your photo memories as they happen or browse the full internet on a miniaturized device. At the moment there is no support for third party internet plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player and Java, but Apple is hinting towards possible availability via free software updates.

The iPhone is an outstanding smart phone that has revolutionized the smart phone industry or at the least encouraged other manufacturers to step their game up. The use of innovative technologies and the simplicity as well as the ease of use jam packed into such a compact yet accommodating device will have you wanting a slice of this Apple pie.


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