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Pros: Best coverage in Pittsburgh area

Cons: High price?

I have always had what I believed to be the best cellular coverage in the Pittsburgh Area, starting with Cellular one, in the late 70's?, which was bought by ?,  then Cingular, which was recently taken over by AT&T and constantly improved over the years.


AT&T has great 3G coverage over the Pittsburgh area and has never been difficult to deal with.  The only drawback is the high price.  Our last bill was appx 62.00 for two phones including 5.00 each for data service.  My wife and I get about 400-500? minutes a month with rollover and since we mostly talk to each other our rollover balance is usually about 5,000 minutes.  We just got two iPhones with an additional 30.00 data service each and unlimited texting for another 30.00, that's 90.00 a month more less 10.00,  2 X 5.00, or 80.00 plus the activation fees for both phones.  I can't wait to see the next bill, it may need to be delivered via parcel post.  If we had children we would make them get jobs, but of course, we would never give up our iPhones.


Pros: Great coverage in the SF bay area

Cons: They done me wrong

After a few maddening interactions with the customer service people at AT&T back in 2005, I switched over to T-Mobile, which immediately impressed me with its customer service--it was night and day. At one point a rep. even offered to call me back in a month to check in on a change to my account.


Unfortunately, when it came to doing what I was actually paying them for--that is, making it possible for me to talk to other people not within shouting distance--they couldn't hold a candle to AT&T, at least not in SF. Dropped calls, dead zones, etc. And when, just after a month in, it became clear that it wasn't an improvement at all, customer service turned hard-nosed, and refused to release me from my contract.


When my contract ended a year later, I promptly switched back to AT&T and managed to avoid talking to customer service for almost a year. Recent interactions have been better, but there have still been hiccups. A month after canceling my data plan, having explicitly told the rep that I had no use for it, I was bombarded with per-kilobyte service charges thanks to some invisible background process running on my phone. Some but not all of the charges were reversed, and while the rep I talked to was polite, it brought back bad memories.


All in all, it seems to me that customer service at AT&T may be coming more into parity with its mobile service, which for me has been very satisfactory.


Pros: Always seem to have better phones when I'm looking for a new one

Cons: Handcuff their phones

I do appreciate that Verizon has phone service in the metro in DC, but other than that I don't know what they could offer superior to AT&T. I've always got a fairly strong signal in the area, but I don't know who doesn't.

Phones have always seemed superior at AT&T when I've been shopping around for one, which is every 18 months or so.

Rollover minutes can't be beat... though it seems each carrier has their gimmick.

I have had less than stellar results with AT&T stores adding things I did not request to my bill when I purchased a new phone, but I had stellar results with the AT&T customer service removing said charges once I called to complain.


Pros: easy to swap phones

Cons: service, price, reception,

My bill for unlimited texting and calling was different every month. 45 seconds of being online cost me $80 when it was supposed to be disabled. I was constantly being billed for services  I did not order. No help when my phone broke. They had me send it in, then said it was not defective so it was nt under warranty but refused to send it back then started in on sales pitches!


Pros: iPhone

Cons: phone doesn't ring, calls drop

I don't like talking on the phone much. This makes AT&T almost an ideal network for me. I can maybe get 60 seconds of conversation in before the call drops. Half the time I can't hear them. Or they can't hear me. 3G data is okay. But voice is terrible. 


Pros: carries iPhone, rollover minutes, free mobile2mobile airtime, 3G media network

Cons: Not many employees are knowledgeable about the iPhone or its features, dropped calls lately, limited cheap media package choices for iPhone

I LOVE my iPhone!  I have had AT&T for 2 years and don't have too many complaints.  Once I purchased the iPhone though, I've had difficulty with finding an AT&T employee that could give me answers to my questions.  They would transfer me to an Apple tech, and then I'd be transferred back.  There needs to be clearer lines/responsibilities drawn between the 2 companies.  Overall, I'm sticking with AT&T because of the iPhone.


Pros: I can make/receive calls.. big plus these days

Cons: Price?

As a lot of other people have mentioned, all carriers are evil, its just a matter of finding the lesser evil and crossing your fingers.


So far, so good for me. I can make and receive calls (in the Richmond, VA area) which sounds trivial, but apparently Verizon hadn't figured that part out yet. I've yet to have any significant deadspots, even while going to God's country North Carolina for a weeks vacation.


I use an ancient SE z525 with no problems. I had been waiting for iphone 3g to come out, but have yet to take the plunge, so no comments as of yet on the data service/speed in these parts.


Lastly I give ATT high marks for phone selection merely becuase they are a GSM network and you can slamp your sim in any unlocked phone and roll (unlike Verizon).


Pros: They've done the job for me, Rollover

Cons: Expensive Data Plan


I pay $90/mo

-450mins rollover (fortunately for me, i'm a big text/email guy)




I think some other carriers are cheaper, but don't have rollover (which comes in handy during the talkative months)



Support has never been stellar, never been crap.  They're just in the middle somewhere



It really depends on where you live/frequent.  I live in Cambridge, MA.  I get good reception out and about, but it's OK where I live.  I get 1-3 bars.  I've solved this issue by using a bluetooth headset and placing the phone in a good location


Phone Selection

I've always thought AT&T has had great phone selection.  I'm sure apple afficionados would concur.  In any case, given the GSM nature of the network, you can buy any gsm phone and get it unlocked.  This means that you could get crazy pimped out phones online.



I've been happy with them.  I'd be ecstatic with them if I were paying 70/mo and the service were a tad better.


Pros: Consistent voice quality, decent signal radius

Cons: cell phone plans are expensive in general, data plans are scams unless you get the best.

I have to say I havent had too many problems with at&t, but between all cell phone companies trying to pick the best one is more or less trying to pick the less of two evils it seems. At&t has always been the strongest carrier available pretty much anywhere I go, and thankfully they seem to offer some of the most reasonable pricing and benefits with their plans, and their phone selection is probably the best out of all the carriers.


I wish overall prices would drop, it seems as if the industry has fixed a certain pricepoint that no one is dipping under...Anyways I have 4 lines and maybe around 750 minutes a month - but with rollever, nights & weekends, and free calls within subscribers...I still end up racking more rollover minutes each month, but I admit I'm not a big talker.


Pros: Coverage and Customer Service

Cons: none yet

I have AT&T - had them as cingular and transferred smooth with the takeover - I haven't had any problems and reccommend them to anyone.


AT&T US (including the carrier formerly known as Cingular Wireless) is a GSM/WCDMA provider. Features phones from Sony Ericsson, Nokia, PALM, RIM, Motorola, Samsung, Pantech, LG and more.

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AT&T operates the largest wireless network in the U.S. with over 60 million customers.


AT&T Network


AT&T operates a GSM 850/1900, UMTS/HSDPA (WCDMA), TDMA and Analog network.


AT&T International plans


If you're traveling overseas, use AT&T's Travel Guide to view rate plans and options before you go:




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