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Pros: Best coverage in Pittsburgh area

Cons: High price?

I have always had what I believed to be the best cellular coverage in the Pittsburgh Area, starting with Cellular one, in the late 70's?, which was bought by ?,  then Cingular, which was recently taken over by AT&T and constantly improved over the years.


AT&T has great 3G coverage over the Pittsburgh area and has never been difficult to deal with.  The only drawback is the high price.  Our last bill was appx 62.00 for two phones including 5.00 each for data service.  My wife and I get about 400-500? minutes a month with rollover and since we mostly talk to each other our rollover balance is usually about 5,000 minutes.  We just got two iPhones with an additional 30.00 data service each and unlimited texting for another 30.00, that's 90.00 a month more less 10.00,  2 X 5.00, or 80.00 plus the activation fees for both phones.  I can't wait to see the next bill, it may need to be delivered via parcel post.  If we had children we would make them get jobs, but of course, we would never give up our iPhones.


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