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AT&T USA Reviews

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Audra Lowery



Pros: easy to swap phones

Cons: service, price, reception,

My bill for unlimited texting and calling was different every month. 45 seconds of being online cost me $80 when it was supposed to be disabled. I was constantly being billed for services  I did not order. No help when my phone broke. They had me send it in, then said it was not defective so it was nt under warranty but refused to send it back then started in on sales pitches!

Great network - if you don't want to be called


Pros: iPhone

Cons: phone doesn't ring, calls drop

I don't like talking on the phone much. This makes AT&T almost an ideal network for me. I can maybe get 60 seconds of conversation in before the call drops. Half the time I can't hear them. Or they can't hear me. 3G data is okay. But voice is terrible. 

I hate AT&T

 Here's the deal - my experience with AT&T has been horrendous. I used to be on Sprint, and while there was the occasional dropped call, I was able to get cell phone reception just about anywhere. Not the case with AT&T. I live in Los Angeles and my calls get dropped at least twice as much as they did while I was with Sprint. What's worst of all is that I get ZERO reception in my apartment. I hate AT&T. The reason I'm stuck with it is because I got an iPhone. It just goes to show you how badass the iPhone is because despite the crappy reception, I love the phone. 
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