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AT&T USA Reviews

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Necessary Evil but Getting Better


Pros: Great coverage in the SF bay area

Cons: They done me wrong

After a few maddening interactions with the customer service people at AT&T back in 2005, I switched over to T-Mobile, which immediately impressed me with its customer service--it was night and day. At one point a rep. even offered to call me back in a month to check in on a change to my account. Unfortunately, when it came to doing what I was actually paying them for--that is, making it possible for me to talk to other people not within shouting distance--they couldn't hold a candle to AT&T, at least not in SF. Dropped calls, dead zones, etc. And when, just after a month in, it became clear that it wasn't an improvement at all, customer service turned hard-nosed, and refused to...
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so so


Pros: carries iPhone, rollover minutes, free mobile2mobile airtime, 3G media network

Cons: Not many employees are knowledgeable about the iPhone or its features, dropped calls lately, limited cheap media package choices for iPhone

I LOVE my iPhone!  I have had AT&T for 2 years and don't have too many complaints.  Once I purchased the iPhone though, I've had difficulty with finding an AT&T employee that could give me answers to my questions.  They would transfer me to an Apple tech, and then I'd be transferred back.  There needs to be clearer lines/responsibilities drawn between the 2 companies.  Overall, I'm sticking with AT&T because of the iPhone.

Been with them 7 years, no big issues


Pros: They've done the job for me, Rollover

Cons: Expensive Data Plan

ValueI pay $90/mo-450mins rollover (fortunately for me, i'm a big text/email guy)-200txts-Dataplan I think some other carriers are cheaper, but don't have rollover (which comes in handy during the talkative months) Service/SupportSupport has never been stellar, never been crap.  They're just in the middle somewhere CoverageIt really depends on where you live/frequent.  I live in Cambridge, MA.  I get good reception out and about, but it's OK where I live.  I get 1-3 bars.  I've solved this issue by using a bluetooth headset and placing the phone in a good location Phone SelectionI've always thought AT&T has had great phone selection.  I'm sure apple afficionados would concur.  In any...
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AT&T: would make a poor cute baby animal, but offers decent cellular service

I'm not the one paying for my service on AT&T (go company-provisioned Blackberry, woo!) but I can at least speak to it's quality: at least once every 2 weeks, one of my calls is just so terribly garbled, static-y, echo-y, etc. that I give up and try again on my phone of the T-mobile persuasion and then suddenly everything is clear... Given that my phone calls go through 90ish% of the time, I'm inclined to give them at least 3 stars.

Too long ago to judge


Pros: cheaper plans

Cons: less minutes, inflexible

AT&T was my first cell phone carrier way back in the day. It was fine for me at the time, but the service was pretty limited at the time. I'm sure it's changed a lot since then... they all have.
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