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AT&T USA Reviews

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Pros: Best coverage in Pittsburgh area

Cons: High price?

I have always had what I believed to be the best cellular coverage in the Pittsburgh Area, starting with Cellular one, in the late 70's?, which was bought by ?,  then Cingular, which was recently taken over by AT&T and constantly improved over the years. AT&T has great 3G coverage over the Pittsburgh area and has never been difficult to deal with.  The only drawback is the high price.  Our last bill was appx 62.00 for two phones including 5.00 each for data service.  My wife and I get about 400-500? minutes a month with rollover and since we mostly talk to each other our rollover balance is usually about 5,000 minutes.  We just got two iPhones with an additional 30.00 data service...
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Seems like reviewing a commodity at this point...


Pros: Always seem to have better phones when I'm looking for a new one

Cons: Handcuff their phones

I do appreciate that Verizon has phone service in the metro in DC, but other than that I don't know what they could offer superior to AT&T. I've always got a fairly strong signal in the area, but I don't know who doesn't. Phones have always seemed superior at AT&T when I've been shopping around for one, which is every 18 months or so. Rollover minutes can't be beat... though it seems each carrier has their gimmick. I have had less than stellar results with AT&T stores adding things I did not request to my bill when I purchased a new phone, but I had stellar results with the AT&T customer service removing said charges once I called to...
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Well, it works


Pros: I can make/receive calls.. big plus these days

Cons: Price?

As a lot of other people have mentioned, all carriers are evil, its just a matter of finding the lesser evil and crossing your fingers. So far, so good for me. I can make and receive calls (in the Richmond, VA area) which sounds trivial, but apparently Verizon hadn't figured that part out yet. I've yet to have any significant deadspots, even while going to God's country North Carolina for a weeks vacation. I use an ancient SE z525 with no problems. I had been waiting for iphone 3g to come out, but have yet to take the plunge, so no comments as of yet on the data service/speed in these parts.  Lastly I give ATT high marks for phone selection merely becuase they are a GSM network and you...
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Has been a good carrier


Pros: Consistent voice quality, decent signal radius

Cons: cell phone plans are expensive in general, data plans are scams unless you get the best.

I have to say I havent had too many problems with at&t, but between all cell phone companies trying to pick the best one is more or less trying to pick the less of two evils it seems. At&t has always been the strongest carrier available pretty much anywhere I go, and thankfully they seem to offer some of the most reasonable pricing and benefits with their plans, and their phone selection is probably the best out of all the carriers. I wish overall prices would drop, it seems as if the industry has fixed a certain pricepoint that no one is dipping under...Anyways I have 4 lines and maybe around 750 minutes a month - but with rollever, nights & weekends, and free calls within...
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Pros: Coverage and Customer Service

Cons: none yet

I have AT&T - had them as cingular and transferred smooth with the takeover - I haven't had any problems and reccommend them to anyone.

AT&T Mobility


Pros: Largest national network, Best selection of handsets

Cons: Most expensive of national carriers, Some pains from mergers and growth, Slow to adapt

AT&T Mobility is the laregest provider of cell phone services in the U.S. with a large selection of handsets for all users. With a large national network, you will get great service in most places across the country. The customer service is average and the company is still grappling with some issues related to growth and recent mergers, however being able to get a phone that does everything you want that works where you need it makes for a good overall experience. Top handsets from the company currently include the Blackberry Curve, iPhone, Pantech Duo, Sony Walkman 580i and LG Shine.

Solid carrier


Pros: Decent phone selection, better coverage than Sprint, SIM cards let you switch phones

Cons: Always a million people at the stores

I switched to AT&T from Sprint in January 2008 and I've been really happy with the decision. AT&T has better coverage, hands down. I was pretty amazed when I could call my brother in the middle of a ski slope in Tahoe to see where we were going to go have lunch (it was a dream to even get roaming coverage with Sprint). I also really like the fact that AT&T phones use SIM cards so you can store all your data and switch phones easily (I even had a friend once borrow my phone for five minutes with her SIM card when her battery ran out). The phone selection is pretty decent too. The only thing that annoys me about AT&T is that the stores in the SF Bay Area are always...
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Probably the best option in the US


Pros: Great coverage

Cons: Can be expensive

I used to be a Sprint customer, but their lack of flexibility with handsets became an annoyance. It's great to be with a GSM company so you can switch phones at will. Their coverage is the best I've experienced in the US and you're usually in great shape traveling abroad with a GSM phone.

Great carrier


Pros: Reliable, wide coverage area

Cons: Plan commitment requirements

Very satisfied with AT&T. Verizon was not nice to me a few years back....AT&T has been great. I do wish they would get rid of their contract terms.
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