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CREDO Mobile


Pros: absolutely none

Cons: everything else about them

 I subscribed to Credo mobile because I believed in their philosophies. The first month was good, though I found the service areas a bit limited. Then in the second month I was notified that I had 200 overage minutes and owed them $192, rather than the $60 agreed upon amount. When I called, I got copies of my useage and could not see anywhere that I had that many minutes. Then I looked closer and saw that I had been charged for calls between my and my wife's phone, mobile to mobile which are supposedly free. Then I received an email from them, explaining that I could avoid such overage charges if I upgraded my service. It looked like the old bait and switch, with a scam thrown in. I am still fighting them over the bill, which I will not pay. I would warn anyone to stay as far away from this company as possible. I dropped them like a hot potato.


Pros: They do donate...some; they do not give your records to the government


My experience with Working Assets then CREDO started out OK then turned sour with age. I did like the support for causes, not having our phone records released to the government, etc. but the reception was sometimes dicey like at places I frequent like my mom's house (big dead zone there). Further, my wife and I had had some not always positive experiences with customer service representatives. Recently, customer service seems to have improved but systems management has not. In fact the whole system seems really messed up. We recently upgraded our old phone for free (nice I must say) but have had to go through the cycle of plugging them in and leaving them alone for four hours to have services installed several times now. I am on my third or forth cycle of this now. Why this is not done all at once is a mystery to me when the services are free. There excuse is that they must wait to see what the customer wants. However, they are not proactive about this in any way or form. They could have told me right off about this process and suggested that we take care of everything at once instead of doing things piecemeal. The last straw has been this evening. I was going to call them back about 15 minutes before they close at 9:00 PM EST to take care of all this for our phones. So, I call at 8:46 PM their time and they have already set the "call during business hours" message to play. I tried three times. There is no excuse for the unprofessionalism. One more note about their donation program: 60 million since 1985 is NOT really that much if you think about it. In the great scheme (yeah, it's a scheme) of things it is really glorified chump change. One percent of profits??? Come on!


Pros: none

Cons: you are paying extra for using a big network reseller who doesn't give that much to charity

My sweetie and I have been thinking about switching to Credo for years. We're both progressive-minded and liked the idea of money we'd spend anyway going to good causes, even if their service is a little more expensive than what we've been paying. We were finally tempted by a Christmastime sale, 50% off on all phones, and decided to finally make the switch. Guess what? Even though we have a years-long account in good standing with Sprint, as well as many other lines of credit, all with good payment history, we do not qualify for Credo service. Although polite, none of their reps could tell us why. Just: *shrugs?* and *sorry*. 


We were both a little puzzled and aggravated by this, so we started doing the research we should have done before trying to switch our service. Here is what we found:


- Credo does not own their own mobile service network, they resell service from other large network providers. Sprint was the last company we could see who Credo buys service from. Since we already have Sprint service, we wouldn't be "switching" carriers at all, simply paying another company a bit extra to give us the same service we'd already been getting. 


- Many, many complaints stem from Credo very politely not being able to help customers with their problems, from service to incorrect/overage charges. I felt the same polite, helpless pushback from them when trying to get to the bottom of why our request for service was simply rejected without explanation.


- Credo only donates a very small amount of their profits to charities or progressive causes, reportedly as little as 1%. You would be better off taking the extra money you'd spend on your mobile bill and giving it directly to the cause of your choice. 


The net result is I'm glad they rejected our service, but wanted to make sure others knew what I wish we'd know before we considered changing service. 


Pros: progressive company

Cons: not itemizing bills

They supposedly give you a 30-day cancellation before you buy into it.  In less than a week after getting phone, I already got a bill for $40 dollars and I haven't even got my old number transferred over.  I can't even make a single call yet!!  Sounds like I'm gonna get a lot of hidden charges in the future. They don't even itemize what the bill is for.


Although I support progressive companies, I'll have to pass on this one.  They don't have an accurate way of billing you in advance, it all comes as a surprise to me.


Pros: Polite and apologetic customer service

Cons: Inept

The biggest phone disaster I have ever encountered.  I switched to CREDO - my phone went down after about 12 hours. I kept calling and getting people who would tell me to reset the phone - I finally got a hold of someone who said they would look into it. The next day I called and was told they were working on it. I do not have a land line - I use this phone for my personal use and business back up.  After 3 more days of being told it would be fixed by the end of the day, someone finally said, we are giving it the highest attention - but it will be another 3-5 days before we can have this fixed. (This has now been 5 days without a phone already)
I then said I will have to switch to another company - I need a working phone AND I NEED TO PORT MY NUMBER BACK --- NO PROBLEM!!!!
I switched back to T-mobile who at least gave me a temporary number and working phone to use until my number could be ported over - THAT WAS TWO DAYS AGO.  I called this morning - they put me through to CREDO who said they no longer had my number and it would now take at least 72hours before they can get it back!!!! I asked why this happened and once again NO ONE seems to have a clue!!!!
CREDO is a good idea but they haven't a clue as to what they are doing.  I have never dealt with such ineptitude.


Pros: donates money to good causes

Cons: none

We recently switched my wife's cell phone provider from T-Mobile to Credo.  I've had my eye on Credo for almost a year since I found out they donate money to good causes - 1% of charges plus they give you the option of rounding up your bill to the nearest $1/5/10 and donating the difference.  I'm still on a contract until April, but my wife switched over and has been happy with it.


The coverage is just as good as T-Mobile.  The plan isn't quite as economical - $29.99/month gets you 200 minutes with Credo and 300 minutes with T-Mobile.  However, since neither of us ever uses 200 minutes in a month, it makes no difference to us.  Text message costs are identical (15 cents per text unless you do a special plan).  The free phone along with the plan was pretty good, nicer than the free T-Mobile phone (both have cameras, but the Credo one also has bluetooth), but the battery doesn't last as long.


Overall I really like Credo, and will be switching my service as soon as my contract runs out with T-Mobile as well.  As long as I'm paying a cell phone bill, some of the profits may as well go to good causes!  Oh plus they give you free Ben&Jerry's ice cream when you do stuff like agreeing to round up your bill.  Mmmmm, ice cream.


Pros: donates some profits to important causes

Cons: non responsive customer service; poor coverage in many areas with no option for other provider besides Sprint

I have been trying for over three months to convince CREDO MOBILE that I didn't have functional service at my new home. NOT just inside, which isn't guaranteed, but in the yard either. I moved to a new area and had a 2 yr contract. I needed to use my phone and email to find a new job in a consistent professional manner. I was living in Miami and had been with Sprint ever since I owned a cell phone -1998!.

When I switched to Credo I didn't have a contract that needed to be bought out but I did need a new phone. Their service was actually more money than Sprint. Recently they finally dropped some of their prices to be more competitive. 

I have been experiencing dropped calls, no reception at all, too slow to connect, inability for others to hear me or or visa versa. I have been calling on these issues since January. I have spent hours at a time on the phone( having to drive 5 to 10 miles from home to get service) and connect to public WIFI at the library or a business. I was told not to pay the bill because they wouldn't credit me anything until the issues were resolved. Sprint keeps informing them wrongly that I do have coverage at my home. No one would go to these lengths to get out of a contract and I actually didn't want to because that requires me to purchase a new phone and I love my phone and it has 32 gigs of storage, which no new phone will have. 

Well, my connection issues were never resolved. I was suppose to get a reconditioned replacement phone and the dumb customer service person sent the phone to my Miami address after a 3 hour conversation about how I live in central florida now, and btw, do receive my bills at this address...Ugh.

After finally waiting for my Over Nighted phone for 5 days, I called back. Finally, they have chosen to release me and not charge me early termination fees but now because they dragged the process out so long, I owe for 3 whole months and they won't discount it at all. I had a $130/month plan. That isn't cheap! It is nice that the company donates money to causes but ultimately if they can't provide coverage, or professional customer service, what good is it???

This was the second time since I had started only 9 months ago with Credo that I had to wait for a replacement phone. The other time, I was 2 whole weeks without service and I was in the middle of selling my home and all that entailed...



Pros: involved in progressive causes

Cons: business practices - not being forthright with their customers

I've been with the company for several years now. For the first couple of years I had dropped calls like clockwork after being on the phone about 20 minutes. I've heard every excuse - the signal goes back and forth between towers and you call might get dropped, need to upgrade software on phone regularly, switch phone off regularly, blah blah blah.  I got  the phone replaced a 2d time and dropped calls are certainly not as frequent and more random so that is a huge plus.


I've been getting lots of robo calls that I get charged for. Since I don't have smart phone I cannot block the calls and Credo does not do that, although I was able to do that with previous carrier.


My big issue now is that my 450 minute plan for $39.99 has been discontinued and replaced with 700 minutes for the same price. You won't know that unless you check the website and you will see the700 minutes but you won't be able to find the 450 minute plan. This change happened in April 2013.  I was getting charged when I went over my 450 minutes for several months but I was under the 700 minutes so had I been on new plan I would never have been charged. Kim in cust. service and Yvonne from the SF HQ say it is up to the customer to find out about new plans. The issue I have is if cost is a concern, you would assume more minutes means more $$.  Doubling minutes for the same monthly cost and then not telling those customers but charging them overage, ESPECIALLY when you can't even get that plan as a new customer is deceitful in my estimation and fraud.  So if you are on the 450 minute plan, it no longer exists for new customers. 


Pros: They make you feel warm and fuzzy till you start paying attention

Cons: They play the same corporate games as any other phone company

The proof is in the pudding. The customer service is chipper and friendly till you let them know that they sold you a lousy piece of junk (Samsung - STAY AWAY). Then they stonewall you. A little after the month trial period, during which Samsung was the only option available in smart phones, they came on with the iPhone. I called to let them know that my complaints concerning the Samsung (that none of the software works and the phone is simply way too complicated for anyone's good) were longstanding and well-verified, and I could have sworn I was talking to someone at Comcast. I don't need to go into details. If you want a tiny tiny portion of your bill to go to charities that help them do business, go for it. Otherwise, you'll save yourself some time and a lot of headaches and some money, and get an iPhone somewhere else, to avoid the taint of dealing with this barrel of hypocrites. 


Pros: Great phone coverage and customer service

Cons: None for me

Credo customer service reps are always helpful,friendly and knowledgeable. I also get great phone reception. We left Verizon to be with a service that was more progressive but with great prices and better service. Credo is it.

CREDO Mobile

With CREDO Mobile, 1% of your charges go to progressive nonprofit groups. Since 1985, CREDO members have raised $60 million for causes like the environment, freedom of speech, and reproductive rights. CREDO Mobile was formerly known as Working Assets Wireless.

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