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CREDO Mobile Reviews

Positive Reviews


awesome service provider


Pros: donates money to good causes

Cons: none

We recently switched my wife's cell phone provider from T-Mobile to Credo.  I've had my eye on Credo for almost a year since I found out they donate money to good causes - 1% of charges plus they give you the option of rounding up your bill to the nearest $1/5/10 and donating the difference.  I'm still on a contract until April, but my wife switched over and has been happy with it. The coverage is just as good as T-Mobile.  The plan isn't quite as economical - $29.99/month gets you 200 minutes with Credo and 300 minutes with T-Mobile.  However, since neither of us ever uses 200 minutes in a month, it makes no difference to us.  Text message costs are identical (15 cents per text unless...
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Now with the IPhone it's the best deal in town.


Pros: Great customer service; smaller progressive company that cares

Cons: In my case, I see none

 Customer service, I've tested it in the first 30 days after reading all the negative reviews, is incredibly responsive! replying within minutes, I wanted to be sure if I kept the phone I'd be happy. The price I've gotten for the Iphone is not available anywhere. I pay only $54/month. I have 200 minutes. I never go over 200 minutes, as nights and weekends are free. I use Wifi virtually everywhere I go, and if I'm in the woods I don't really WANT to be on my phone! -- so the low data plan is plenty. Besides, the IPhone does a great job of displaying and tracking your usage. I only paid $180 for the phone counting the 'activation fee'. That's pretty good.   Yeah, if you're a...
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A Breath of Fresh Air


Pros: Outstanding, hands down the best customer service ever.

Cons: Holes in coverage, a little less connection quality

NOTE: the graphic on the lower left is not correctly displaying my ratings for Value (90), Service/Support(100), Coverage (80) and Phone Selection (50). Any inconvenience in connection quality or coverage is made up for, 10 times over, by the unbelievable customer service and competitive pricing. Phone selection is a low priority for me. I chose the HTC One, and they gave me a SUPER deal on it. This is my third provider, and I purposely quit my second one to come to Credo, and it's just a breath of fresh air! No problems with equipment in the first place, so no need for complex customer support. Any time I had a question of any kind with my account or using my phone, it was handled...
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Negative Reviews


Scamming or Incompetent?


Pros: absolutely none

Cons: everything else about them

 I subscribed to Credo mobile because I believed in their philosophies. The first month was good, though I found the service areas a bit limited. Then in the second month I was notified that I had 200 overage minutes and owed them $192, rather than the $60 agreed upon amount. When I called, I got copies of my useage and could not see anywhere that I had that many minutes. Then I looked closer and saw that I had been charged for calls between my and my wife's phone, mobile to mobile which are supposedly free. Then I received an email from them, explaining that I could avoid such overage charges if I upgraded my service. It looked like the old bait and switch, with a scam thrown in. I am...
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I wish it were that great


Pros: They do donate...some; they do not give your records to the government


My experience with Working Assets then CREDO started out OK then turned sour with age. I did like the support for causes, not having our phone records released to the government, etc. but the reception was sometimes dicey like at places I frequent like my mom's house (big dead zone there). Further, my wife and I had had some not always positive experiences with customer service representatives. Recently, customer service seems to have improved but systems management has not. In fact the whole system seems really messed up. We recently upgraded our old phone for free (nice I must say) but have had to go through the cycle of plugging them in and leaving them alone for four hours to have...
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HELP I cannot get out of a bad situation


Pros: polite on the phone, good ideals

Cons: in my case bad coverage, dropped calls, bad communication

I signed up for Credo because I thought it would be nice to pay bills to a company that was using at least some of its money for good causes. I had ATT and disliked paying my bill every month. I had very good coverage from ATT and never had a dropped call or even bad/choppy calls. We started using Credo in January and right away both my husband with an iPhone 6 and me with a Samsung S5 had dropped and choppy calls. I have spend 6 weeks now and talked to 12 people and it has not been resolved. It would be OK with me if they would say that there is obviously some sort of connection problem and let us out of the contract, but now they say it is fine for us to drop the contract, but it will...
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More Reviews

Gary L

Unreliable and frustrating


Pros: Social responsibility; decent customer service

Cons: Unreliable! Frustrating!

If you want your phone to make calls, don't use Credo!   They use the Sprint network - their coverage is not as complete as Verizon.  It drops calls, even in major metro areas.  Stay away from Sprint!   They use Google Cloud for voice response (like when you say a phone number to call while you're driving).  However, Google Cloud has 2 major problems: 1) Availability "No network connection; please try again later" - where there is a strong signal.  2) Unreliable - when I speak the number for it to call, it adds an additional digit in the number sequence!     I like their social responsibility, which is why I switched from Verizon.  I just...
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Take the extra money you'll spend and donate it to your favorite progressive cause


Pros: none

Cons: you are paying extra for using a big network reseller who doesn't give that much to charity

My sweetie and I have been thinking about switching to Credo for years. We're both progressive-minded and liked the idea of money we'd spend anyway going to good causes, even if their service is a little more expensive than what we've been paying. We were finally tempted by a Christmastime sale, 50% off on all phones, and decided to finally make the switch. Guess what? Even though we have a years-long account in good standing with Sprint, as well as many other lines of credit, all with good payment history, we do not qualify for Credo service. Although polite, none of their reps could tell us why. Just: *shrugs?* and *sorry*.    We were both a little puzzled and...
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credo mobile feedback


Pros: progressive company

Cons: not itemizing bills

They supposedly give you a 30-day cancellation before you buy into it.  In less than a week after getting phone, I already got a bill for $40 dollars and I haven't even got my old number transferred over.  I can't even make a single call yet!!  Sounds like I'm gonna get a lot of hidden charges in the future. They don't even itemize what the bill is for.   Although I support progressive companies, I'll have to pass on this one.  They don't have an accurate way of billing you in advance, it all comes as a surprise to me.

CREDO - not ready for Primetime


Pros: Polite and apologetic customer service

Cons: Inept

The biggest phone disaster I have ever encountered.  I switched to CREDO - my phone went down after about 12 hours. I kept calling and getting people who would tell me to reset the phone - I finally got a hold of someone who said they would look into it. The next day I called and was told they were working on it. I do not have a land line - I use this phone for my personal use and business back up.  After 3 more days of being told it would be fixed by the end of the day, someone finally said, we are giving it the highest attention - but it will be another 3-5 days before we can have this fixed. (This has now been 5 days without a phone already) I then said I will have to switch to another...
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Terrible company, worse service


Pros: I guess they give some money to liberal causes

Cons: Where do I begin?

The coverage map they publish is hogwash. We drove 4200 miles this spring, 19 states. We had little or no coverage in most of them. Data is expensive and their customer service is horrific. In trying to leave them they told me it will take 48 hours to unlock the phone. 48 HOURS? To throw a switch? Really?   Stay away from these guys. Far far away.
April D

Trying to charge me $1600 for a $600 I returned, that I never used, and that they admit they wiped clean and resold


Pros: they supposedly help good causes, although they obviously don't care about causing individual grief to those in need

Cons: Impersonal, when you ask for a manager, they promise one will call, but they never do. If you email them they refer you back to call site in India

I purchased 2 phones, one for my disabled sister, and one for myself (I am also disabled) through Credo Mobile when I could have done so more inexpensively through another carrier because they advertise themselves as being supportive of progressive causes. Unfortunately, when we received the phones, we realized that they were too small for us to be able to easily text or type on them with the limitations to our hand-eye coordination. So we packed them up and returned them to Credo Mobile.   Weeks went by without them having acknowledged receipt of the phone, and after a number of phone calls on my part, I finally discovered that my sister had activated the Apple FMI on her phone....
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Very disappointing greedheads


Pros: supports some good causes

Cons: Eliminates contracted services without notice or rate reduction; misrepresents coverage areas.

I had been with Credo for many years, almost since its start as Working Assets. For years, I used it for my personal and business long distance, then used it as my mobile carrier. A year ago I moved from Seattle to Whidbey Island, and I checked the Sprint coverage map to ensure that the place I was moving to was within it. The map said it was. When I got to the island, the facts on the ground said that it didn't. I could live without a cell signal at home, so I added a landline. It was worth the slight inconvenience and extra expense ($25 a month or so) to stay with a mobile carrier I had such a long and good record with (never a late payment), and I appreciated Credo's support for caused...
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It's just not worth it


Pros: Support progressive causes

Cons: Poor call quality and coverage, unreasonable and inflexible customer support

After tolerating the poor call quality and coverage for 2 years, I waited and cancelled my account in the last month of my contract.  Then I receive a bill for $190 "Contract Penalty."  When I called them to ask them to remove it since I had waited until the end of the contract, they said I was obligated "to the day" and that they could not just bill me for the last month.  Instead, they prorated my bill and charged me a contract penalty that is greater than the charge for the whole month would be.  I found them to be unreasonable and inflexible.   I love the idea of supporting progressive causes, but it's just not worth it to deal with this company.  ...
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Nosey Neighbor

My bill increased by 59%, slow data, spotted coverage, customer service unresponsive


Pros: donates 1 % of bill to charity ( approximately $2.00 per month) -$24/ year

Cons: Most expensive provider, low quality service, cell tower reception not reliable, customer service unresponsive and inflexible, unexpected costs

If I could give zero stars, I would.  My experience with credo since signing up with the service a year ago has been very disappointing.  I previously used sprint and never thought I would find a provider worse than sprint.  I switched to Credo because of its support to progressive causes.  With that being said, I feel foolish realizing that only a nominal 1 % of my bill goes to nonprofits and my bill has increased by 59% per month.  I would have been more effective if I directly gave to nonprofit causes on my own as I already do and stick to a more reliable provider.    Another disappointment is with the increased cost, which I did not expect comes...
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Worst Company Ever


Pros: I cannot think of any pros for this company.

Cons: Worst Customer Service, Horrible Business Practices, Incompetent

I am appalled that a company that professes to support social justice issues would conduct business in a manner that is completely antithetical to its stated mission and vision. The runaround that they have been giving my sister and my father for the last week has just been deplorable.  I have never witness such poor business practices in my adult life. Do yourself a favor, just donate your funds to your special causes. Don't give a dime to this awful company!  
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