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Scamming or Incompetent?

A Review On: CREDO Mobile

CREDO Mobile

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Pros: absolutely none

Cons: everything else about them

 I subscribed to Credo mobile because I believed in their philosophies. The first month was good, though I found the service areas a bit limited. Then in the second month I was notified that I had 200 overage minutes and owed them $192, rather than the $60 agreed upon amount. When I called, I got copies of my useage and could not see anywhere that I had that many minutes. Then I looked closer and saw that I had been charged for calls between my and my wife's phone, mobile to mobile which are supposedly free. Then I received an email from them, explaining that I could avoid such overage charges if I upgraded my service. It looked like the old bait and switch, with a scam thrown in. I am still fighting them over the bill, which I will not pay. I would warn anyone to stay as far away from this company as possible. I dropped them like a hot potato.

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I can't agree more. They sold me a rank piece of uselessness (Samsung Galaxy S4 - STAY AWAY) and now simply give me the same old corporate b.s. that any of the supposedly less "progressive" companies would. I am afraid to write it, but there is nowhere to run. If you run a phone company, you are bound to uphold the irresponsibility of so many other evil corporations that you can only pretend to maintain a progressive agenda. The thing is, if you do pretend to uphold a progressive agenda, you're worse than the rest of the lot. You've turned about as cynical as you can possibly be. Go out of business, CREDO. That is the most progressive you can hope to be at this point. 
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