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Unreliable and frustrating

Gary L
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Pros: Social responsibility; decent customer service

Cons: Unreliable! Frustrating!

If you want your phone to make calls, don't use Credo!


They use the Sprint network - their coverage is not as complete as Verizon.  It drops calls, even in major metro areas.  Stay away from Sprint!


They use Google Cloud for voice response (like when you say a phone number to call while you're driving).  However, Google Cloud has 2 major problems: 1) Availability "No network connection; please try again later" - where there is a strong signal.  2) Unreliable - when I speak the number for it to call, it adds an additional digit in the number sequence!  


I like their social responsibility, which is why I switched from Verizon.  I just wish their phones were as good as their politics

1 Comment:

I can HARDLY wait until my contract is up. I have been very disappointed with their customer service. While I was thrilled to join a company that is progressive- they may be progressive about political issues but their service and offers are FAR from progressive.
Pros: Progressive Social  Activists
Cons: Connected with Sprint (not progressive in any way)-which is one of the worst services I have ever used.   Credo's plans are outrageously expensive. I mean 300 texts a month? Give me a break. AND due to Sprint's unreliable service I have at least 20 texts a month that won't go out and remain in draft- the only way to send them is to send a blank text . Credo did nothing to help me with this issue but kept me on the phone for a very long time trying to troubleshoot what wasn't their fault.  Counting the days I can return to a less progressive but more reasonable and reliable service. HUGELY disappointed here.
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