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Don't join CREDO, they charge more than the others and are not flexible in resolving issues

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CREDO Mobile

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Pros: A very tiny portion of the bill goes to Progressive causes

Cons: Everything Else!

I joined CREDO when we were forced into ending our current cell phone plan when Sprint purchased it.

Sprint would only approve us for 3 phones and I needed 5 for our family plan. The bills were so much higher than

I thought they would be from the beginning. I ended up upgrading to unlimited which is costing an arm and leg.

There are almost $40 charged for "other fees" each month.

My sons phone died and they sent him a new phone as it was under warranty. However my daughter was supposed to

send the other phone back shortly. I had thought it was sent, all of a sudden $600 showed up on my bill. My daughter called

and got the information to send phone back and immediately did. Now they refuse to credit my account for the $600 because

they state it was not returned within 30 days! I am going back and forth with them on this. I will file a complaint with BBB if

not resolved.

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I suggest filing with BBB today. I just did so myself, as I was double charged on my bill last month, and they are trying to extort two more months of billing from me this month. I'm leaving them this afternoon as I am FINALLY out of contract. 
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