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HELP I cannot get out of a bad situation

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CREDO Mobile

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Pros: polite on the phone, good ideals

Cons: in my case bad coverage, dropped calls, bad communication

I signed up for Credo because I thought it would be nice to pay bills to a company that was using at least some of its money for good causes. I had ATT and disliked paying my bill every month. I had very good coverage from ATT and never had a dropped call or even bad/choppy calls. We started using Credo in January and right away both my husband with an iPhone 6 and me with a Samsung S5 had dropped and choppy calls. I have spend 6 weeks now and talked to 12 people and it has not been resolved. It would be OK with me if they would say that there is obviously some sort of connection problem and let us out of the contract, but now they say it is fine for us to drop the contract, but it will cost $300 per phone!!  I definitely feel trapped. I work out of my home and my phone is really important to all that I do. I don't want to have bad service, but I don't want to pay $600 ransome to switch companies.

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I have also had an unspeakably horrible experience with Credomobile. Shockingly bad, incompetent service, lies, intimidation, you name it. I'm looking into a class action lawsuit. I'm trying to find out if there are others like me.
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