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Trying to charge me $1600 for a $600 I returned, that I never used, and that they admit they wiped clean and resold

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April D
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Pros: they supposedly help good causes, although they obviously don't care about causing individual grief to those in need

Cons: Impersonal, when you ask for a manager, they promise one will call, but they never do. If you email them they refer you back to call site in India

I purchased 2 phones, one for my disabled sister, and one for myself (I am also disabled) through Credo Mobile when I could have done so more inexpensively through another carrier because they advertise themselves as being supportive of progressive causes. Unfortunately, when we received the phones, we realized that they were too small for us to be able to easily text or type on them with the limitations to our hand-eye coordination. So we packed them up and returned them to Credo Mobile.


Weeks went by without them having acknowledged receipt of the phone, and after a number of phone calls on my part, I finally discovered that my sister had activated the Apple FMI on her phone. The Credo Customer Representative walked me through turning it off online, and told me that it had been successfully disengaged, and that I should be receiving a credit soon.


At this time, I helping my 88 year old mother to move out of the house where we had both lived for many years.  It was a very stressful move, and in the midst of that chaos, it never occurred to me that I should update my physical address with Credo when I had returned the phones and been assured that a credit for the phone would soon be issued.


Evidently, one department had not communicated with the other, and so did not realize that I had turned off the Apple FMI online. So they mailed the phone back to my old address, with something on the packaging that prevented it from being forwarded to my new address. I did not discover this for another month when I received a bill from Credo Mobile. At that point, even though the mistake in communication was theirs, they insisted on charging me the full price for a phone plus a monthly fee.


Instead of putting the account on hold while we tried to sort things out over the next month and a half via phone calls and email communications, Credo continued to charge me monthly fees for a phone that I did not possess, could not use, and that they had resold. To date, they have now sent me to collections for a $1600 bill for a phone I never used, that they admit they wiped clean, and resold. I have written many emails, made another 6 calls, and cannot find anyone in this "progressive" company who will help me.


With my limited income, this bill constitutes a tremendous financial hardship. Please ask Credo to live up to its Progressive reputation and stop trying to gouge a disabled woman for a phone that they resold.


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