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CREDO Mobile

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Pros: Socially conscious platform

Cons: Service quality, customer service, affordability, fair billing

If you are thinking about a contract with CREDO Mobile, do yourself a favor and forget about it! The small percentage of your bill that is donated to social causes is minimal, and if you're that concerned about it, could be donated without subscribing to CREDO's con! I left Verizon because they were bullies, and now I'm leaving CREDO because they are incompetent! Joining CREDO will make you feel good for a minute, and then feel pain for the next two years until you're out from under their contract. 


Don't join CREDO! They are a complete rip off, and their service is subpar! 

1 Comment:

I ended my contract one day early (it would have expired the following day) and I was charged a $60 early termination fee. I didn't know I would be charged $60, otherwise, I would have waited the additional day. I complained to Credo, asking them to reverse the cancellation, let my contract expire in one day and reimburse me the $60: they refused, saying the account had been closed and fully paid off.

For a company promoting social values and change, they come up short.
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