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CREDO Mobile Reviews

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credo mobile feedback


Pros: progressive company

Cons: not itemizing bills

They supposedly give you a 30-day cancellation before you buy into it.  In less than a week after getting phone, I already got a bill for $40 dollars and I haven't even got my old number transferred over.  I can't even make a single call yet!!  Sounds like I'm gonna get a lot of hidden charges in the future. They don't even itemize what the bill is for.   Although I support progressive companies, I'll have to pass on this one.  They don't have an accurate way of billing you in advance, it all comes as a surprise to me.

Unfriendly Policies


Pros: Donations

Cons: Policies, uncompetitive programs, termination fees

I have been extremely frustrated with Credo. Their plans are not nearly as competitive as other providers, and if you lose a phone, your only option is to replace it through them and either pay an arm and a leg or renew a contract even longer. I purchased a credo phone on ebay (which only appear every 3-4 months) that I tried to use, but they would not activate it unless it came from another family member. If you renew the contract on one phone and you are on a family plan, you are really stuck until the last phone contract is done. Termination fees are higher than if you simply pay out the monthly fee on the contract, but you can't terminate and take your number if you do this. You...
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Been there, done that, never again


Pros: small donations to good causes

Cons: everything else

I read a number of critical reviews about Credo, but chose to make the switch anyway.  That was a mistake.  At first the service was OK, but as time went on it got progressively worse.  Customer service was less than helpful, and straight answers were hard to come by.  1% of a $200 bill is a whopping $2.  When my contract was up I switched to Sprint (since they didn't release info to govt either, a fact Credo notes in promoting their own services).  I haven't regretted making the change.  I can give my $2/month to causes I care about, and I also get excellent service, great coverage, and the full spectrum of phones to choose from.  Credo's...
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