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CREDO Mobile Reviews

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Good phone service, mediocre customer service, horrible phone selection


Pros: Price is competitive. They offer a variety of data packages. Some of the profits go to progressive causes, and members get to vote on which ones.

Cons: If you want any kind of smart phone besides an iPhone or a Samsung, this is not the company for you.

I switched from AT&T to Credo two years ago. A month after switching, I got an offer in the mail for new customers - a $100 rebate if you switch from AT&T or Verizon. I called and asked if there was any way to get this offer since I had just joined a month ago. The customer service reps were not only completely unaware this offer existed, one of them denied that Credo Mobile would ever issue such an offer.   But I had a two year contract so I was stuck. And for two years I had no complaints. No dropped calls or other problems anywhere in the Minneapolis metro or even in rural Minnesota. I got good service other places I travelled as well. At some point last year I started...
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Good company


Pros: Great customer service

Cons: not the best coverage ever

They replaced my phone that may have had heat damage, because we couldn't be sure. Great customer service, pretty easy to talk to a person.
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