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CREDO Mobile Reviews

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Now with the IPhone it's the best deal in town.


Pros: Great customer service; smaller progressive company that cares

Cons: In my case, I see none

 Customer service, I've tested it in the first 30 days after reading all the negative reviews, is incredibly responsive! replying within minutes, I wanted to be sure if I kept the phone I'd be happy. The price I've gotten for the Iphone is not available anywhere. I pay only $54/month. I have 200 minutes. I never go over 200 minutes, as nights and weekends are free. I use Wifi virtually everywhere I go, and if I'm in the woods I don't really WANT to be on my phone! -- so the low data plan is plenty. Besides, the IPhone does a great job of displaying and tracking your usage. I only paid $180 for the phone counting the 'activation fee'. That's pretty good.   Yeah, if you're a...
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A Breath of Fresh Air


Pros: Outstanding, hands down the best customer service ever.

Cons: Holes in coverage, a little less connection quality

NOTE: the graphic on the lower left is not correctly displaying my ratings for Value (90), Service/Support(100), Coverage (80) and Phone Selection (50). Any inconvenience in connection quality or coverage is made up for, 10 times over, by the unbelievable customer service and competitive pricing. Phone selection is a low priority for me. I chose the HTC One, and they gave me a SUPER deal on it. This is my third provider, and I purposely quit my second one to come to Credo, and it's just a breath of fresh air! No problems with equipment in the first place, so no need for complex customer support. Any time I had a question of any kind with my account or using my phone, it was handled...
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Sticking with them for years


Pros: The are PRO active; they support good causes that is enough to stay with them and they do not share with the gov

Cons: service coverage

I have been a member for years and would not leave just because they are socially active and a positive.  The phone service can be sketchy but is that their problem or a problem with OUR capitalism.  There are no such problems in Europe where there are tons of carriers actually competing.  So their philosophy and commitment is enough for me.

Great Customer Service, decent plans & coverage


Pros: Most civil and helpful customer service I've ever had from any corporation. Donate to progressive causes, unlike monsters AT&T & Verizon.

Cons: no iPhones.

I've been with Credo for over a decade.  The things people have complained about here are exactly what we were experiencing with Verizon -- bewildering bills, no clear idea what next month's bill would be. Haven't had that problem with Credo at all.  In fact, they contact me if my usage is unusual, it's also easy to check from the phone or online whether I'm getting near my limit. The main reason I am with this phone company is that the political leanings of AT&T and Verizon do not align with mine, whereas Credo funds progressive causes.  A bit of that is from customers rounding up their bills, but most of it is from Credo themselves.  They offer free calls to my...
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Good Company


Pros: Abie to take progressive action with other citizens

Cons: Could pay less for cell phone in my area, but I choose Credo. It's worth it.

I think Credo is such a good idea.  Too bad Working Assets couldn't spread the idea to many other industries.  Perhaps there'd be more jobs for our young people to get started in life.  But I don't know, since I think their customer service is not in the US.  But I do think they are a good company to order from.  Based on some of these negative comments, though, it seems that people don't take enough time to understand what they are buying? Or just maybe many are conservative trolls? 

Excellent Mobile Phone Service


Pros: Reasonable, Good Customer Service, Donations, Keep personal information private and don't sell your number.

Cons: None

I switched to CREDO about 15 months ago from AT&T and I'm very glad I did. Their customer support is excellent and I appreciate that they are a socially responsible company with a forward looking mission. I have recommended them to a number of friends.

Wonderful company, great customer options


Pros: Flexibility, good customer service, conscience company

Cons: Spotty coverage, high price, limited phone selection

Overall, I love Credo.  They have great options like evening minutes starting at 7pm instead of 9pm for only $5 a month.  If you realize you are going to go over your minutes, you can call them anytime and they'll give you overage insurance for only $5.  The plans are more expensive than with other companies but Credo does a lot of great things as a charitable organization.  I had trouble when I bought a new phone; I wish they had locations where you could go try the phones before purchasing them.

Completely satisfied


Pros: Supportive of causes for which I take a stand.

Cons: Personally not aware of any.

This has been a great find for me.  I work for the largest telecomm in the states and its mobile service would go out at a few different spots on the way home from work; it would quit for the three-blocks-approach to my house and it wouldn't work INSIDE MY HOUSE!  I had to run out of the house and out to the front or rear of he house to answer calls.  Enough said about that.  CREDO Mobile has performed brilliantly in every state and city I've visited in the U.S. and Mexico!  On the few occassions I've called Customer Service, the agents have been informative and very curteous; so much so they even seem kind.  The price plan is very fair.  The...
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