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CREDO Mobile Reviews

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awesome service provider


Pros: donates money to good causes

Cons: none

We recently switched my wife's cell phone provider from T-Mobile to Credo.  I've had my eye on Credo for almost a year since I found out they donate money to good causes - 1% of charges plus they give you the option of rounding up your bill to the nearest $1/5/10 and donating the difference.  I'm still on a contract until April, but my wife switched over and has been happy with it. The coverage is just as good as T-Mobile.  The plan isn't quite as economical - $29.99/month gets you 200 minutes with Credo and 300 minutes with T-Mobile.  However, since neither of us ever uses 200 minutes in a month, it makes no difference to us.  Text message costs are identical (15 cents per text unless...
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Credo's the best


Pros: Great phone coverage and customer service

Cons: None for me

Credo customer service reps are always helpful,friendly and knowledgeable. I also get great phone reception. We left Verizon to be with a service that was more progressive but with great prices and better service. Credo is it.

Great company


Pros: excellent customer service, complete offering of phones, great promotions

Cons: maybe expensive if you don't take advantage of their offers / family plans ?

I've been with Credo since 1998, when they were called working assets and they were just a long distance company.  When I got my first mobile I was on AT&T, then I switched to WA when they offered me a free phone to add mobile service.  I've never paid for a phone since-- I keep phones forever and so I always run out my contract.  Last month I was out of contract and they offered me any phone for free plus six months free texting- so now I have a galaxy s4 that cost me $0.00.  My wife and my mother are on the plan- all calls between us are free, plus we each have five phone numbers of people we call often who are also free.  so we don't need many minutes. ...
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Tammie Jo

I'll NEVER switch


Pros: Polite, Efficient, Best plan for price

Cons: Sprint Network isn't as wide coverage

I LOVE LOVE LOVE CREEDO! I read some of the negative comments and have had completely opposite experiences. Every single time I've called the company, I get a human being in about a minute. None of the 20-40 minute wait times like with ATT or dropped calls like w Verizon. And everyone so far have seemed genuine and polite, best customer service I've ever had. I love what they stand for, what their intent is, and how they donate to non profits. I was concerned about the coverage since they use the sprint network, but it hasn't been a very big deal for me. I'm not someone who has to be UBER connected the time, admittedly, but even so given the ethical issues surrounding being an ATT or...
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Very happy with this service.


Pros: Excellent Customer Service, quick problem resolution, progressive company.

Cons: None

I have been with Credo/WALD for many years now. I have had no problems with their customer service, and rarely have had problems with the phone service during the entire length of service. I originally signed up when everyone lived with landlines and the company was known as Working Assets Long Distance. Now I have the obligatory cell phone and still use Credo for all of my phone service. I have no complaints and will remain with Credo for as long as I have a phone.
Lisa F

Best Mobile Service Provider


Pros: Great service, coverage, etc.

The people at Credo Mobile are always responsive and pleasant whenever something comes up when I need to talk to them.   No drama, just good service.   We chose them because they are much more socially responsible than other carriers - Verizon is the WORST!

I love CREDO Mobile


Pros: Excellent customer service and coverage

Cons: None for me

We have been with CREDO Mobile for years now and I could not be happier. The reception is great even in our rural Kentucky area (Sprint network) and I ALWAYS get great customer service. I left Verizon because of their deplorable customer service and I am still very happy. The rates are the same I used to pay with Verizon and the coverage is as good if not better.
satisfied cust



Pros: Everything

Cons: could have a larger selection of phones, but I got the phone I wanted, the Samsung Galaxy 111.

Looking at these reviews here, there may have been problems years ago, but I have been with Credo now about 3 years and they are an excellent company. I got a simple flip phone when I started, then a Blackberry and now I have the Samsung Galaxy 111. I get excellent reception, and great customer service and tech support. You actually get a live person on the phone failrly quickly when you call.  

Completely Happy


Pros: Easy to understand billing, decent coverage

Cons: No "hot spot" feature

I've been completely satisfied with my service and billing. I left T-Mobile... now THERE'S a nightmare!!!
Nick F

Credo Mobile is Awesome


Pros: Reasonable, real people, charitable

Cons: Have Galaxy but not iPhone yet

The best, hands down, cell phone service.  The nicest, friendliest customer service people, that it is a pleasure to speak to.  If only all service oriented companies were as organized as they are.  If you're looking to avoid at&t, verizon, t-mobile, etc you must give them a try.
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