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Earthscape for iPhone

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Earthscape for iPhone

** WE WANT YOU TO USE EARTHSCAPE!! FOR A LIMITED TIME, WE ARE MAKING IT AVAILABLE FOR FREE: WE BELIEVE IF YOU TRY IT, YOU'LL AGREE THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING IPHONE APPS AVAILABLE TODAY -- SO DOWNLOAD NOW AND START TAKING PHOTOS TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD ** See and share what is happening in the world today -- down the street or on the other side of our planet! Earthscape is the world's first and only virtual globe application for cell phones. Explore the Earth in 3D and view photorealistic images of our planet from any perspective. Or better yet, use our new photo feature to take a picture to remember a place, person, or event by -- it will appear immediately on the virtual globe for everyone else to enjoy as well. Earthscape users are building a shared, up-to-date, and comprehensive photographic model of our planet -- taking photos of waterfalls, hiking trails, restaurants, parks, and concerts. In addition, view the most popular geotagged photos from Flickr and over 300,000 points of interest from Wikipedia. Coverage: The entire United States can be viewed in detail, usually comparable or slightly better than current desktop solutions. Imagery outside of the United States is currently limited to 15 meters resolution -- enough to discern major roads, but not houses. As we acquire the rights to use more detailed international imagery, it will be provided to Earthscape users as a free upgrade.

Application TypePhotography
Release DateSep 18, 2008
File Size9.0 MB
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Mobile Huddle › Products › Applications and Games › iPhone Applications › Photography › Earthscape for iPhone