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Jabra A120s


Pros: iPhone Music in Stereo, connects to PC

Cons: Periodically reestablish connection manually

The Jabra A120s is very flexible and remarkably fun.


If you own an iPhone you should have the A120s and the BT8010 for the only way I know of to get true bluetooth stereo out of your iphone iPod.

The other cool think about this version is that you can also plug it into your PC and get wireless sound no matter where you go. The range is about 15 yards but if you work in an office this thing rocks with a JaBra 8010. you can listen to youtube or whatever on your pc and if your iPhone rings you go immediately over to the incoming call.

DO NOT GET THE VERSION THAT HOOKS TO THE BOTTOM OF THE IPHONE. You want this version, the one with the jack on top. you may think the other version will be great for your iPhone but trust me it does NOT. Not only will that version cut in and out  but you don't get the flexibility like you do with this one to plug it into other devices.


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Jabra A120s

This device connects to any standard 3.5 mm jack and boosts the bluetooth functionality of any device.

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Mobile Huddle › Products › Other Accessories › Antennas › Jabra A120s