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Jabra BT8010 Wireless Headset


Pros: quick pairing to the phone.

Cons: connection dropped frequently

this bluetooth device is ok if you want to have headset that can be use for listening to music and talking on your phone.  the battery usage is fine.  the only thing I have a problem is sometime when i listen to the music, it will drop the signal and then pick up again.  It is not a nice experience.  this is also very cumbersome to wear if you want listening in stereo.


Pros: Bluetooth Stereo, easy hook up, multiple devices

Cons: Not very durrable, only 1 earhook

This along with the A120s is the best combination I have found so far.


Not only will it hook up to the phone quickly and effectively but will connect to multiple devices.


The display on the headset is informative and intuitive. The volume control is great and the stereo sound is hands down the best in a Bluetooth device for the phone I have found so far.


It’s a shame it only came with one ear hook as I already broke the one that came with it and had to buy a pack of 5 for $15 with shipping.


I also destroyed one set of the headphones because I loved them so much I thought it might be able to support my music playing through my gym work out… it didn’t. Don’t do anything too rigorous with this set or the water from the perspiration will shut it down.


Until a huge quantum leap in Bluetooth, I’d say this with the A120s is the best combo you can buy.

Jabra BT8010 Wireless Headset

Now you are free. You shake off a hectic day, attach your BT8010 stereo unit. Time to step into your own world, with a seriously cool sound dimension. Slowly you unwind to the rhythms – leaving all the demands of the day behind you. You shift smoothly to a new level, never losing control. You are on top of your game.

Talk Time10 Hours
Product ID38766018
DesignOver the Ear
Weight0.81 oz.
CompatibilityMobile / Cellular
Volume ControlWith Volume Control
Wireless TechnologyBluetooth
On/Off SwitchWith On/Off Switch
Frequency Response50 Hz - 15 kHz
Plug TypeUSB
Warranty2 Years
Max. Transmit Range35 ft. / 10 m
Release StatusAvailable
Other Features
Standby Time
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mobile Huddle › Products › Headsets › Wireless Headsets › Jabra BT8010 Wireless Headset