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LG CE110 Reviews




Pros: I got it for free with my cell phone plan.

Cons: Poor reception, bad sound quality, bad interface.

Compared to my old Nokia phone that this phone replaced, the sound quality and reception are noticibly worse: I'm on the same network but I have more dropped calls than I used to, and the phone often renders voices unintelligible. The interface is poorly designed, too.  Several times it has completely frozen (just like Windows does) so that I had to turn the phone off and on again to use it.  There are lots of other little annoying things like how when you miss a call and the phone is closed, it displays a big "1 missed call" message on the front and no longer shows the time, so that to check the time you have to open up the phone and press a couple buttons. The built-in camera is junk,...
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No Problems So Far


Pros: Durable,, lightweight, small

Cons: small screen, bad camera,

 I like this phone cause it can handle whatever I put it through.  I often drop my phone because I am clumsy but when you look at my phone you can hardly tell.  It is also small and fits in pocket nicely but is not so small that you can't push the buttons.  The camera on it has never gotten a good picture because it is so low quality.  There are no extra features but for talking and texting it suits me well.  Plus it came free with my AT&T plan
Mobile Huddle › Products › Phones › LG CE110  › LG CE110 Reviews