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LG Chocolate VX-8550


Pros: Sliding form factor, sleek looks

Cons: Reception, quirky interface

In late 2006 I received the original Chocolate (VX-8500) as a review unit.  I thought it was well put-together and enjoyed the phone, but looked forward to trying out the next generation.


I purchased the 8550 for a family share line but was able to play with it for a little while.  Battery life on the standard battery is improved, and the screen looks a bit nicer.  The edges of the unit have been rounded, and LG added a number of blinking lights around the control wheel which appealed to the family member using it.


Though it looks nicer, I found that clicking around with the wheel took a little while to get used to without introducing flase clicks.  I was soon frustrated with failing to get into deep-in menu items because I moved the wheel a little in the "click" attempt and hit the wrong thing.  With practice I got more accurate.


The power/data port uses the same plug as the original Chocolate (and the enV and Voyager) so some transfer of cables is possible if you are moving up.  Luckily with the LG Dare the move has been made to micro USB and hopefully that will be a standard feature on LG phones for the foreseeable future.


Reception was close to but not quite as good as the original Chocolate.  My house doesn't get great Verizon reception, and there were fewer dropped calls with the original Chocolate.


Despite the flaws I have described here, the family member using the 8550 refuses to go back to the 8500, so how can I fault the unit?  The form factor and trimmings are very popular, and slider phones have come a LONG way since the Kyocera Slider was introduced a number of years ago.


Pros: Don't have to use the wheel, it also clicks. Decent camera.

Cons: limited Bluetooth capabilities. Touch control take a second to load when phone is opened

It's a pretty great phone. Big improvement over the last version. Nice click wheel design, it has a decent camera. Can be hard to open if your hands aren't perfectly clean. Verizon nerfs the Bluetooth file transfers to be almost usless for anything but pictures.

LG Chocolate VX-8550

This minor update to the 8500 is slightly slimmer and lighter, sporting an improved keypad with vibration feedback on the touch keys, plus support for larger memory cards. Other features of this slide-style CDMA music phone remain similar, including stereo Bluetooth, EVDO data, megapixel camera, and QVGA display.

Network TypeCDMA 1900
Network TypeEVDO
Network TypeCDMA 850
Form FactorSlide
Display Size240 x 320
Talk Time4.17 Hours
Standby Time350 Hours
Screen Type262K Colors (TFT)
Battery Life4.17 Hours
Audio OutputBuilt in Speaker
Audio Output2.5 mm Headset Jack
Antenna TypeIntegrated
Input MethodKeypad
Weight1.47 kg
PC InterfaceUSB
PC InterfaceBluetooth Wireless Technology
Installed Memory64 MB
Expansion SlotBuilt-In Memory
Expansion SlotMicroSD
CarrierVerizon Wireless
Release StatusAvailable
Cell Phone Band
Digital Camera Resolution
Digital Camera Zoom
Included Accessories
Operating System
Other Features
Release Date
Screen Resolution
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


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