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LG Chocolate VX-8550 Reviews


An update to the original Chocolate


Pros: Sliding form factor, sleek looks

Cons: Reception, quirky interface

In late 2006 I received the original Chocolate (VX-8500) as a review unit.  I thought it was well put-together and enjoyed the phone, but looked forward to trying out the next generation. I purchased the 8550 for a family share line but was able to play with it for a little while.  Battery life on the standard battery is improved, and the screen looks a bit nicer.  The edges of the unit have been rounded, and LG added a number of blinking lights around the control wheel which appealed to the family member using it. Though it looks nicer, I found that clicking around with the wheel took a little while to get used to without introducing flase clicks.  I was soon frustrated with failing to...
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Nice Phone


Pros: Don't have to use the wheel, it also clicks. Decent camera.

Cons: limited Bluetooth capabilities. Touch control take a second to load when phone is opened

It's a pretty great phone. Big improvement over the last version. Nice click wheel design, it has a decent camera. Can be hard to open if your hands aren't perfectly clean. Verizon nerfs the Bluetooth file transfers to be almost usless for anything but pictures.
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