Made drowning my phone not so bad

A Review On: LG OEM Standard Lithium Ion Battery 900mAh for LG CU720 Shine

LG OEM Standard Lithium Ion Battery 900mAh for LG CU720 Shine

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Pros: Works just fine

Cons: Apparently it's not super cheap to replace batteries and apparently batteries don't hold up well when they get wet

So a few weeks ago, I had a bit of an accident with my phone.  It involved a slightly open bottle of Vitamin Water...yeah, it was traumatic.  In any case, my little LG Shine was mildly damaged and the battery took the worst of it.  It just wasn't holding its charge very would kick off after about 11 hours (or 9 if I used the phone at all).  Well, I couldn't have that, so I ordered a new battery.


This one is working just fine.  It holds its charge reasonably well.  I can unplug it in the morning (full charged), get through a day of work (using it as usual), and still have two-thirds of my battery by the time I get home around 8pm.  I can't say it's the king of all batteries, but it does the job.  And while $35 felt like a lot for such a tiny little's worth it to not have to charge my phone twice a day.


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