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LG Shine CU720 Reviews


Oh so pretty


Pros: Nice screen, good sound quality, charges quickly

Cons: Pictures come out a little fuzzy if you don't have a great light source

Let me tell you....I had to WORK to get this phone. I had just switched over to AT&T and the LG Shine was the one I really wanted. I didn't want to settle for a phone I wasn't excited about. But it was just after Christmas or so, and not a single AT&T in the SF Bay Area had a Shine for me (I think the biggest con about the phone is that it was so popular and AT&T doesn't have an integrated stock check so I had to call all of the stores separately to check if they had any). make a long story short, I had to stick it out with my last phone for a little while until the got the Shines back in stock. But I am sure glad I did. I love my phone. It'...
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Excellent phone


Pros: Scratches easily

Cons: joystick needs getting used to. ringer not that loud

Geat phone.  I had to give it away :(  I mom couldn't stand her phone so I gave her mine (plan to get iphone)   The phone feel solid.  Slider  is very smooth.  Camera is great.  excellent reception.  Web browsing is great especially when in 3g area.   Only negatives is that the phone scratches easily.  The joystick gets a little getting used to.  The ringer is not the loudest, many missed calls due to not hearing phone 

lg shine


Pros: compact, great screen, never push buttons while i pockets, easy internet use, nice operating program easy to navigate, great camera

Cons: had problems with phone turning off by it self, cameras zoom feature is not easy to use

the phone is a great phone for it's price range it has good features I have mostly all good things to say about it. The one problem I have had with it is that, it has been turning off when I close the phones screen hard every once and awhile it will turn off by itself.
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