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Oh so pretty

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LG Shine CU720

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Pros: Nice screen, good sound quality, charges quickly

Cons: Pictures come out a little fuzzy if you don't have a great light source

Let me tell you....I had to WORK to get this phone. I had just switched over to AT&T and the LG Shine was the one I really wanted. I didn't want to settle for a phone I wasn't excited about. But it was just after Christmas or so, and not a single AT&T in the SF Bay Area had a Shine for me (I think the biggest con about the phone is that it was so popular and AT&T doesn't have an integrated stock check so I had to call all of the stores separately to check if they had any). make a long story short, I had to stick it out with my last phone for a little while until the got the Shines back in stock. But I am sure glad I did.

I love my phone. It's very sexy (if a phone can be sexy) and I really like how shiny the screen is (they weren't kidding around when they named it). When the screen is dark, you can practically use it as a compact mirror. This is actually the first time I've had a slider phone (I swore I'd always have clamshells) but I'm really enjoying it.

At first, the joystick took some getting used to (and people who haven't used the Shine before have a few problems figuring it out). But after two days with it, it's really easy to use and far quicker than messing with clicking buttons. I also am a big fan of the keypad. I don't like buttons that feel sticky or spongy. I REALLY don't like the kind where you can't hit the right ones and keep messing up your phone numbers or text messages. But the Shine keypad is quality and smooth. It might be a tad small if you have bigger fingers though.

The audio quality (on both ends) is very good and I don't have any complaints. On speaker, it actually gets pretty loud too, which is nice.

I don't do a ton of internet browsing on my phone but whenever I do, it's actually pretty easy (so ha to all you friends of mine who give me flack for not getting an iPhone) and looks good. I've accessed my email multiple times (and responded - but that does take a little longer since you have to type out each letter); I use bus tracking every day; and I've googled places I need addresses to (but haven't ever tried to map anything).

The camera is decent. I like that it has a flash and it's kind of fun that when you turn the phone horizontally it looks like a little digital camera. It's also cool that it has a self timer. Half of my pictures have been good and half have been a little soft - it definitely has something to do with the amount of light available when you're taking the picture. The one thing that irritates me a little is that I can't seem to make the flash get turned on as default each time I hit the camera button (I have to go into the flash settings and reset it each time - if you leave it in camera mode, it will stay on for as long as you're taking pictures...but as soon as you go back to phone mode, it automatically turns off again).

Oh and the only other drawback...AT&T has pretty garbage standard ringtones (in my opinion, anyway). But the beauty of the LG Shine is that it does have a microSD slot so you can make your own. And! The sound quality on the rings (and if you play any songs off your phone) is excellent too.

All around....a really great phone - I highly recommend it.


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