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Motorola PEBL U6


Pros: cute, solid, neat spring-loaded design, easy to use

Cons: not much bang-for-buck, battery-cover pops off if you even look at your phone the wrong way, bulky dimensions, poor browsing capability

I got this in a frantic attempt to replace my dead phone on a weekend when I needed the connectivity.  Razrs were The Big Thing at the time, and this seemed like a stylish alternative to tooldom.  (Well, that, plus I couldn't find the neon pink razr I was lusting after on short notice.)  Enter Pebl.


It's smooth, minimalist, pretty, and the spring-loaded clamshell entertains friends and small children alike for hours on end.  It comes in a broad range of I'm-Bright-Shiny-New-Technology-Look-At-Me! colors like orange and lime green and, uh...fits nicely in a large pocket...or a large purse...ok, so it doesn't really fit in my pocket.  My case hasn't gotten too scratched up in the last year, but the wear (shiny scratches) is unfortunately noticeable on the matte casing.  And the battery cover falls off like no one's business.  The battery-life is "meh" (about 2 days if left untouched, 2.5 if you stretch it) and the UI and features (alarm, web browser, etc.) are similarly "meh" - they're there, but they're mostly basic and not whiz-bang "Wow!"


All in all, it's a satisfactory phone, but for the money, you could probably do better.



Pros: Great form factor, solid battery life

Cons: Basic functionality

This phone looks and feels great. It has a very solid weight. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone looking for smart phone functionality. If you're looking for solid, basic phone, this is worth a look.


Pros: small,cool look and feel, easy to use, lots of features

Cons: speaker volume,charger plug

Recently I have started to use another phone, that I received as a gift, and I really do miss my little pebble! It was easy and fun to use, you can change the type of ring without even opening the phone, which is really convenient.  Everyone wants to try and open it, because its so cool. The battery lasts days and even when it warned you that it was low, it lasted a long time. The phone I have now gives you about a 30 second warning and then dies!  I would have liked every phone I've ever had to have louder speaker volume, so I guess that is something I would change.  Also, the little piece of rubber that you have to take out when you charge it, kept falling out, and i usually spotted it, even though its tiny..but I finally lost it for good. I thought stuff was going to get all stuck in there..but it really didn't.  It also had all the features I wanted and needed.  I am not gentle with my phones and this one held up and looked good I love it!!

Motorola PEBL U6

Luxury meets fresh and bold style with the Motorola PEBL Colors. Stretching the boundaries of traditional design, the colorful PEBL boasts a unique oval shape, distinctive vertical external display, innovative one-handed opening hinge design and tactile soft-touch finish. And now available in vibrant shades of green, orange, and blue, the Motorola PEBL is sure to be the center of attention everywhere you go.

Network TypeGSM 1800
Network TypeGSM 1900
Network TypeGPRS
Network TypeGSM 850
Network TypeGSM 900
Form FactorFlip
Display Size176 x 220
Talk Time6.67 Hours
Standby Time250 Hours
Screen Type262K Colors (TFT)
Antenna TypeIntegrated
Messaging FormatsEMS 5.0
Messaging FormatsAOL Instant messaging
Messaging FormatsYahoo Instant Messaging
Messaging FormatsWireless Village Instant Messaging
Messaging FormatsIMAP4
Messaging FormatsSMTP
Messaging FormatsSMS
Messaging FormatsMMS
Messaging FormatsPOP3
Data FormatsJ2ME
Data FormatsWAP 2.0
Data FormatsXHTML
Data FormatsMIDP2
Available ColorsBlack
Available ColorsOrange
Available ColorsGreen
Available ColorsBlue
Input MethodKeypad
Input Method5-Way Navigation Pad
Address Book Capacity1000 Contacts
Width4.9 cm
Height8.7 cm
Depth2.01 cm
Weight1.76 kg
Installed Memory5 MB
Digital Camera Resolution0.3 Megapixels
Digital Camera Zoom4x Digital Zoom
Release StatusAvailable
Cell Phone Band
Included Accessories
Operating System
Other Features
Release Date
Screen Resolution
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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