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Motorola RAZR V3 Reviews

Positive Reviews


4 Years and going strong


Pros: Slim Profile, Good Reception, Sturdy, Good feature list

Cons: Battery Life

I have had this phone for about 4 years now, and I have put it through about anything you can imagine.  I work in construction, and I have fallen on this phone, it has fallen out of my truck, I have laid down on it (crawling under a house) and it keeps on running.  Just this week the center button on the keypad has started to come loose, but I think that is a pretty good track record for such a small phone.I have loved the size and performance of this phone and would recommend it to anyone.  My only complaint is the battery life, but even that wasn't too bad.  If I was going in and out of service it would last about 6 hour (no talk time).  If I was talking constantly on it, I would have...
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Don't Want to be Constantly Reminded of the Phone in Your Pocket?


Pros: Thin, good sound quality

Cons: Bad battery life

 I loved this phone. The distinguishing feature is definitely its size; it is thin enough to where you don't constantly feel the bulky phone in your pocket all day long. The only drag for me was the battery life, although I had terrible service every I was which probably contributed to the majority of the battery life loss.

Negative Reviews


Motorola Razr


Pros: Terrible sound quality, annoying buttons

Cons: Annoying buttons, and did I mention terrible sound quality?

Not gonna lie, not my favorite piece of equipment.  Obviously the price was right (free with ATT plan), and I am far from a mobile connoisseur, but the I would probably still count the Razr as a poor investment overall.  The whole "flat buttons" thing is not so much sleek but idiotic.  I am constantly hitting the wrong key, and my predictive texting skillz have gone out the window.  Not to mention I can never hear ANYTHING through this phone.  I've pretty much given up trying to talk on it unless I'm locked in a dark room by myself with my tin foil hat on.  Trains, buses - nuh uh. Soo, moral of the story being, if you're cheap like me, I recommend begging, borrowing, and/or stealing over...
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Decent phone


Pros: Reliable, world wide capability, clear audio, bluetooth works very well. Camera is fine.

Cons: Web apps clumsy and slow, battery life not great, keypad response not great for texting.

A decent phone. I got it 2 yrs ago, and wanted Int'l capability. It works well everywhere I have travelled but its web capabilities are soooo last year. Also, the keypad is difficult to read, especially when texting - I know, you'd think I would have memorized the keypad by now..... Bluetooth and camera features are fine.

More Reviews


Great phone, awful interface


Pros: Has the basic functionality I need and the reception I crave.

Cons: UI is confusing to the point of absurdity.

I'll admit it, I am a cell phone Luddite. I don't need a camera, Bluetooth, games, ringtones, multimedia, web browsing, or any of the ten thousand other bells and whistles you find on basic cell phones these days. (Smart phones, like the BlackBerry or iPhone, are a different beast. Also: you kids get off my lawn!) No, all I ask from my trusty cell phone is the following: - Phone calls (make and receive) - Text messages (send and receive) - Decent reception - Decent battery life - An alarm that scares the bejeezus out of me and jolts me into startled wakefulness from whatever state I'm in. If you want these things, and not much more, the RAZR is a home run. I'...
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Good but past its prime


Pros: reliable, slim

Cons: dated

Yawn.  Like the Palm V of old, the Razr has had a long, useful life, but is on its way out. 

Solid phone


Pros: great reception, built like a tank

Cons: when dropped scratches easily

They only why I put on star for features is because I had it when I was on Verizon.  Other that form factor ALL VERIZON PHONES HAVE THE SAME INTERFACE. 

Great phone for average use


Pros: Nice screens, style, good voice & speaker quality

Cons: none

Got this phone on a new contract for fairly cheap, and for me it does what I need it to. I do enjoy Smartphones more so but I just had one that had a major accident and needed a phone quickly and no smartphones where on a reasonable sell so I got this... This phone however has been great for me in the meantime, and more then I expected - everything is top notch and despite me trying not to be a trendy smuck and buy yet another razor I have to admit that I really like this phone in the end.

Best call quality ever


Pros: Call quality, light, easy to use

Cons: Camera quality

This phone is definitely a trooper. I absolutely love it and it's still my backup to this very day. Sure it's not feature rich, but this phone started a revolution. Of course Motorola made it a very long-winded revolution, but a revolution.  So far, the call quality from this phone cannot be beat for me. I love Moto and I hope they start a new revolution soon.

On my second one...


Pros: Low profile, MP3 playback, great sound quality

Cons: Awful durability, aging technology

This is the second RAZR I've owned. I really liked a lot of the features it offered at such a low price point: low profile, flip phone, bluetooth, and MP3 playback. If I didn't value these features so much, I would've just bought a much cheaper phone when my first one broke, because I was not happy with the way my first RAZR held up. I am not exactly easy on electronics, but I try my best to keep them in operable shape, e.g. i don't wash them, drop them, throw them against walls, etc. Yet I had only had my first one for a year and a half before the keys turned yellow, the hinge plugs came out, and the hinge started to come apart. The whole phone finally just died on me: I could make...
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Ok phone BUT....


Pros: Physical size, works as a basic phone, camera works well

Cons: Low battery sound, Verizon GUI, bad for those who like to be (hold) on top

 The RAZR V3 was (is) the first mobile phone that I have owned in the US. I inherited the phone from my father in law, who was driven nuts by the location of the speaker phone button, which he would forever turn on mid call. I've never had a problem with this, because I hold the phone on the bottom half when it is open. If you hold it by the top half, I hope you like speaker phone.   At first, like a good little consumer, I was distracted by the thin, shiny nature of the V3, and amazed at how easily it would slip into my pocket. This alone scored major brownie points for Motorolla. The phone has a built in camera that takes decent photos and short movies. I wish that it had a removable...
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Can be washed


Pros: Very Tough

Cons: buttons difficult for big fat fingers

I like it.  Like it alot!

Bigger than you'd think


Pros: slim as advertised, durable exterior/buttons

Cons: kinda big, bad picture quality.

This phone was heavily advertised as a super slim phone for the times, and it is. What i didn't expect was how wide and long the phone was when unfolded. Not such a big deal, but a surpirse none the less. I did like the case/keypad which was all metal and the screen was a good size. The picture quality wasn't all that nor was the video quality.

Surprisingly durable


Pros: Thin, flip phone

Cons: No major ones

Works great, better reception than any phone I've had, and really long battery life. I drop it allll the time and it's never really had a problem. I like my phones simple, so this one was up my alley.
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