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Motorola RAZR V3m Reviews

Positive Reviews


Dad had this...


Pros: Thin, easy to use

Cons: not much functionality

My dad bought one of these a little while back. I've had the opportunity to use it several times, and it has a number of pros and cons. On the plus side, it looks really cool.... very thin (as all the RAZRs are) and sleek looking. Battery life is good, and it is a rather simple, easy to use phone. On the minus side, it doesn't have many features that fancier phones do. For me, that's a big turn off, but for dad, he likes it that way. ('Less buttons to push', he says) So I'd certainly recommend this phone as a good, basic phone. But don't get it if you're looking for anything fancy.

Negative Reviews


Not Very Satisfied


Pros: size of phone, size of screen, easy to use, large numbers/letters, average camera

Cons: battery life and slow reaction time to buttons pressed

This is my second Razor phone, which I received as a brand new replacement to my first Razor. I may have received a faulty phone, because the battery life on this phone is much worse than the battery life on my first Razor. As soon as the phone is taken off of the charger (even if charging for hours), the battery drains within hours, and sometimes even within one hour. I have noticed that the battery drains much quicker while I am in an area that does not have a high signal. I don't mind the functionalities of the phone, but the life of the battery is too much of an inconvience and I am currently seaching for another phone.

More Reviews


Good phone


Pros: Good keypad memory card slot outer color camera display

Cons: amp'd mobile sucked never gave me my rebate then when out of bussiness so i just returned the phone

great phone just the amp'd mobile service sucks and the went out of bussiness like 3 weeks after i bought the phone
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