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Nokia 1208 Reviews


Good, Basic Candybar Phone


Pros: Reception, speakerphone

Cons: Display almost useless

I needed a prepaid phone on short notice and also wanted a backup phone for my existing T-Mobile prepaid account.  I found the Nokia 1208 at Target for $40, and it had the basic features I needed. I was immediately impressed with the call quality and reception.  Nokias usually have good reception and this unit, though very inexpensive, was no dissapointment. The unit is very basic... about the only non-standard feature on it is a "flashlight," which is an LED built into the top of the phone.  There is no camera on this phone. The speakerphone was adequately loud and clear for my needs. The screen has a low resolution of 96 x 68.  The menus on the phone have graphical icons that take up...
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Mobile Huddle › Products › Phones › Nokia 1208  › Nokia 1208 Reviews