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Nokia N82 Reviews


Nokia N82


Pros: Media, Wifi, GPS, Camera

Cons: buttons, face plate.

OK, Short and sweet.Great looking screen, handles music photos and video very nicely, probably the best media oriented phone on the market.  The GPS is great to have the maps are free but turn by turn will cost you a subscription fee that is not cheap.  wifi was best used to download ngage games and the camera takes spectacular images.The buttons are just not very practical, small little slivers that are easy to hit the wrong one, especially for anyone with meat hooks for fingers.  The faceplate is actually quite flimsy easily scratched and due to the fact that this phone is $500 plus dollars i expected an aluminum body.  the battery is quite good considering all of the features you get...
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Mobile Huddle › Products › Phones › Nokia N82  › Nokia N82 Reviews