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Opera Mini for Blackberry


Pros: Mostly everything

Cons: No download support yet

This is the best. I hate the BB browser and this browser makes up for it many fold. It's much faster at loading pages than the BB browser and I think it renders them better as well. Best part about it is that it's free. I honestly have no clue what I would do without this app. I've used it and any phone I could get it on to and would gladly pay for it.


Pros: Fast, good page rendering, RSS reading

Cons: Can't install Blackberry apps OTA with it

Opera Mini is a fabulous alternative Web browser for the Blackberry.  It features bookmarking, RSS feed reading, and account synchronization.  For example, I loaded an edition of Opera Mini on my Motorola RAZR v3xx and it was able to synchronize my bookmarks and RSS feeds so what I saw on my RAZR was the same as what I see on my Blackberry in terms of settings.


Page rendering is pretty fast, and the text is easy on the eyes.


I did find that performance increased when I turned off settings synchronization after the initial load.  When pages are loaded in Opera Mini it seems to try to synchronize your settings first, then go on to load the content.  Logging out of Opera's synchronization avoids this extra loading step.


There are still times on the Blackberry where you will still need to use the build-in Blackberry browser, for example loading applications over the air.  Attempting to do it from within Opera will not succesfully install an application.


Opera Mini is a great free product... my only regret is that it isn't the default browser on more phones.

Opera Mini for Blackberry

Opera Mini is a mobile browser for Blackberry and other platforms.

Other FeaturesRSS Feed Reader
Application TypeBrowser
Release Date
Release StatusAvailable
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Mobile Huddle › Products › Applications and Games › Blackberry Applications › Opera Mini for Blackberry