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A Review On: Page Plus Prepaid, Verizon Prepaid Netwok Reseller

Page Plus Prepaid, Verizon Prepaid Netwok Reseller

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Pros: An Alternative to Verizon Prepaid Offerings, on Their Network!

Cons: None, if you are going for Verizon prepaid anyway

Page Plus is a prepaid service provider.  Activations can be found very cheaply on auction sites, typically around ten dollars or less for an activation plus 100 minutes.


This is an excellent alternative to Verizon's prepaid offerings, which are oftentimes as expensive as postpaid plans.


Page Plus will activate most Verizon phones, and once activated you will be using the Verizon nationwide prepaid network.


Once activated, your minutes will not expire for 120 days.  This means that for around ten dollars you can activate a phone with over an hour and a half of airtime that will not expire for four months.  This is perfect for emergency phones and family members who need to "trian up" on responsible use of airtime before adding them to a fmaily share plan with its obligatory contract terms.


Refills minutes are very reaonsbaly priced, and they can be purchased either directly through Page Plus or via popular auction Web sites.


In summary: if you have a spare Verizon phone and need an extra number that won't expire for four months, this is a plan to seriously consider.


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